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Afternoon Walk

I took a long walk today after work. It’s the most important thing I’ve done all day and the same can be said for most days. Just walking and thinking, thinking and walking. On the occasion, sitting. ‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic … Continue reading

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Weathered Walk

As the day begins to stretch back out, my attention span starts to wane. I wonder why that is? Such an oddity, for sure. Perhaps I need more goals, more toil and fuss? I seriously doubt I could squeeze even … Continue reading

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Tromping Through The Valley

Sorting through the things I love to do, reading is darn near the top. Walking stands right beside it, each holding within themselves an onward tendency and a quiet, gentle way of being. They can push fresh, new ideas into … Continue reading

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Sunny Day Walk

Funny how everything seems so much brighter in the sunshine. The trees are already filled with chirpy little birds and the deep blue skies have returned from their wintery hiding places. Also, with the weather getting nicer, I can put … Continue reading

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