End The Endless Charade

This insanity, this ongoing charade will only end when enough people stop complying with all the nutty demands from demons and vultures. I’m pretty sure the bad guys already know this, so you should too.

As long as enough people remain warm, cozy and under their spell, these demons will just continue on with their wickedness. They’ll keep tightening constraints for as long as they can.

The crazy thing is that the power to set us free, to set all of us free, has always been within our grasp. You sir, hold the keys to your own prison.

Just stop complying. It’s not like any of the guidelines have helped anyone anyway. The cure has been far more costly than the disease. There’s no question on this.

I know, I know. The demons will now be the most upset upset with me for cluing you into their game. The most upset, indeed.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’


There’s a whole host of names to choose from to describe our worldwide predicament, thanks to the overzealous land demons that control and censor all the social media platforms. A plethora. I like to call it clown world, but charade is good for describing the ongoing, daily insanity.

As a wordsmith, myself, I rather enjoy hearing all the different ways people try to circumvent the censorship monster.

Language has been under attack for so long now; it would be nice to be able to type freely for a change, without being word(su)pressed.

Mayhaps one day. Doubtful, but at least still possible.

My vote is that we revert back to calling it what it has always been, the seasonal flu. Just get rid of the vultures and the media and stop playing this nonsensical game.

It’s not like anything that’s been done in the last year and a half has been good for anyone other than the demons in charge anyway.

Alas, as much as I’d love to believe this charade might end soon, I know it’ll just continue on and on. One day more, my brothers and sisters.

Just one more year to slow the spread.

Just one more, folks.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a wonderful day, remember that you are the one holding the key to all of this insanity! We’re all waiting, bub…

-I am Crandew




What exactly is the jab for? It doesn’t stop you from getting or transmitting. It serves no purpose other than to ease symptoms on an individual level. Why does everyone need to get it?

Why are all the people who don’t adhere to all the rules healthier than those who have followed them? It’s true, just look it up. I’m one of them. Never been sick, never will get sick.

If this was a real pandemic, where are all the bodies? The streets should be filled with them, but that’s never been the case. There were far less deaths last year than in 2019.

Again, go look it up for yourself!

Masks are meant for humiliation, submission and slavery.


Note: Their plans are so overt at this stage that if people don’t see it, it’s because they’re choosing not to. So many of our countrymen would rather knowingly accept a comfortable lie than face an uncomfortable truth. I try to always think the best of humanity, but the willful ignorance that I see around me makes it difficult at times.


You are the carbon they want to reduce.


Stand Up

No one will ever hand you back your life.

The demons that control your life through fear and manipulation will never stop. The media continues to bait everyone into doing exactly what they want by dangling the carrot of normalcy out in front, but they know it’ll never happen.

It’s not in the cards, chief.

There’s an agenda, an evil program running in the background, even if you’re too scared to acknowledge it. By doing what they say, you’re helping it reach its goal.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. It never did.

We could put an end to the madness and flip the world back to right-side up again tomorrow if everyone would just stand up. Raise your voice, say no, and it all goes away. You just need to find the courage from within and take it back yourself.

Cry fat tears of sadness if it helps, but you must at least try to stand up.

Come with me if you want to live.

I just watched a video clip where a Pastor in Canada had to force a bunch of cops out of his church on Easter Sunday. It’s amazing, the power of just saying no.

Here’s the video, watch the time from 35:35 to around 39:00.


The Dollar_Vigilante is another part of my Gaggle of Old Men, even though I didn’t include him in the original post. He’s been awake to what’s really been happening for a long time, years before they sprang all this on us.

I mostly wanted to share that clip with the Pastor, because it illustrates how freely evil now roams the earth, while good people are imprisoned.

The time to fight back against oppression has already expired, but you can still free yourself from the programming and stand up.

Anything’s possible.

Besides, you’ll need to be standing for the time when you’re forced to run away.

Have a great day, stand up.

-I am Crandew




Goodbye and Thank You

It’s hard to imagine the world as it is now, sullied and war-torn.

What valor could there possibly be in bullying an old man, a writer, a doctor? Is this where we’re all headed?

Goodbye and Thank You

Link: Goodbye and Thank You on BrandNewTube


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-I am Crandew