Another week, another chance at greatness.

With the holidays now over, I’m back at work (day job) but more importantly, I’m back to being immersed in my music.

Another year, another album.

Oh joy.

I’m actually loving every minute of it; creating new tunes and recording new tracks. It’s a real downer that live shows are apparently a thing of the past (I hate this wretched new world of ours), but that’s how things are.

Always hope for the best, I suppose.

I’ll still be writing (now more than ever) but probably not posting every day. Well.. we’ll have to see how that all goes.

Huge thanks for all the support; it means the world to me!

Good luck with your endeavors, and have a wonderful week!

-I am Crandew




Upside Down World

I have an opinion, so prepare for it.

Take a few notes if you have to. Steady your ship, as they say, for we’re headed into choppy waters.

The strangeness of this past year only made sense when I realized that what had been presented to me had been inverted. Not just in the telling of simple lies or blatant omissions, but fully backwards in their meaning.

Main stream media created this inversion.

A pandemic hit, everyone panicked.

This is called a shock event, reactions to it were completely predictable. They just were, Hoss.

So what is it that I’m calling upside down?

Well, someone wanted the world in lock-down, so they set this whole thing in motion.

It’s pretty obvious that Covid is the common cold, just renamed.

Lock-down’s, masking, social distancing.. are all being used to weaken our natural immunity (make us all sicker) while breaking society apart.

That’s the first part of a very complicated scam being run.

Folks, I firmly believe this whole thing is just one giant setup.

A shake down, for the sole purpose of wiping the slate clean.

A means to enact a reset (a great reset) of society, to tighten the chains a bit more with each iteration.

Unfortunately, in order to reset the world, most of us will need to die much quicker than we normally would have.


So what can we do about it, you might ask?

I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done other than try to understand that what you’re being presented with is the opposite of what’s really going on.

Does that make sense?

One trick to figuring out almost anything in life is to apply its inversion, come at it from the opposite side.

Try arguing the opposite and see where it leads you. I’ve done this numerous times, and it always seems to help clear things up.

For example, if you believe the world is round, try arguing that it’s actually flat. Might seem weird at first, but it will open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking.

Doesn’t matter which concept you choose, the point is to get you thinking.

Another might be to look at these stairs.

Which way do they run.. up or down?

Have a great day, stay frosty my friends.

-I am Crandew




Three Brothers

Forgive me if I go astray.

For while it’s true I must often let loosen the threads within due course, seldom will I do so with ill intent.

In my village, a small and oafish sorta place in which to reside, there are three brothers odd. Native brothers all, they live on the outskirts just south of the town proper.

Do not think them at all wicked or overly boorish, just odd.

The first is a collector supreme, having the malady of both consumption and accumulation. There can be no rock, branch or oddity left unturned.

Thus guided by sheer intuition, he will go about his day collecting that from which he will, bringing all things deemed worthy home with him.

The second brother is a selective sorta chap, able to sift through the most awful of messes. His temperament not withstanding, the lad is always willing to locate that which has been misplaced.

A very useful guy to have around, as some would say.

Then there is the oldest of the three brothers. Grim, yet determined.

A gargantuan even from before conception.

His ability, as you have assuredly surmised the tales pattern thus far, lies in the making and doing of things. Given materials, nothing will be left unbuilt or mismanaged for long.

So there we are, three brothers.

One collects, one selects and one to make use of.

It is precisely at this point, I must drop the thread.. for therein lies my curse.

An annoyingly consistent ability to lose sight of the surrounding forest by gazing too harshly at the trees.

Mayhaps you can pick it up, possessing far better skill than I?

Have a goodly day.

-I am Crandew



So many, right?

We live in such volatile times, you and I.

From dusk to dawn, and back again.. the war rages on. A wall of lies that grows taller and wider each day.

I don’t think it’ll ever stop. I don’t think it’ll ever calm down or go back to being sane again.

I don’t.

It’s suffocating, this constant stream of delusions.


Hang in there, small fry.

In the end, it’s all that we can do.


-I am Crandew

Apologize, Then Move On

An unjust action can never truly be taken back.

“When the papers crinkled up, it can’t be perfect again..”

I’d like to think that with the President now being fully vindicated, all the liars and deranged people on the Left would now apologize and promise to stop with their insane hate speech… but I know they won’t.


I’d like to see actions taken against Obama and Hillary for spying on a Presidential candidate during an election, but it won’t happen, because justice resides in fairy tales.
CNN and MSNBC should be shut down and platforms like Google, Twitter and Facebook should be broken up.. but that won’t happen either.

I believe that a second American civil war is still coming, all because the people on the Left have been driven crazy by their false philosophical beliefs. We are seeing the breakdown of a faulty belief system, nothing more, and it will cause so much damage in its wake.

Apologize, promise to do better.. then move on. That’s the last hope those of us sane people have for this country now.


-I am Crandew


I want to tell you about my first encounter with true racism.

Growing up in Louisiana in the late 1970’s, it was living and breathing and it was everywhere, and it managed to caress all of our lives in strange little ways. I was a kid back then, and it happened something like this.

My first day of Kindergarten.

I would like to say that I didn’t cry, that I was completely self-assured and confident even at the ripe ole age of six but that would probably be a lie.  It was a traumatic change, and without doubt I felt it hard.


To be clear, my usual defense in scenes previously uncharted is to hunker down. This means simply, to be quiet and to listen and to watch everyone around me. We learn faster and better from those around us. I’ve always tried to be mindful, so I open up only after I’m comfortable with the situation.

My first day of Kindergarten.

The teacher laughed and smiled and played her part beautifully, but only while my parents were within shouting distance. As soon as they left, she turned mean.. like the transformation from gentle old lady in the woods into a horrible old witch. She was probably in her early 30’s but I’ve come to believe that she undoubtedly hated her job, hated the kids and above all else.. hated the kids who looked like me.

My skin color, my hair and eye color were all wrong… and she hated me for it. This caregiver of small children became unhinged, simply because I represented everything she could never be.

Exaggeration? A fevered memory of a time now long gone?

Mayhaps, but no.. I tell ya true mister.


My first day of Kindergarten.

On day one, I was brought to the front of the class to shed my skin, and tell the class my tales of woe. I was to simply state my name, and give a brief description of who I am and what I liked (or something of to that effect).

I hunkered down at first, before slowly walking this green mile.

Facing my peers, most of which were probably chewing on crayons or monkeying around with safety scissors, I did as I was asked and told my story with tears running down my cheeks undoubtedly. All I can recall is that her fingers were clawing into the nape of my neck as I stammered out what was required. They dug in deeper the more scared I became.

It was a nightmare, and I was six years old.

After school, my parents saw the marks on my neck and there was an entirely separate story about what came next, but that’s not relevant. What is relevant is that my teacher hated me because of my skin color. Hate so pervasive that she used physical recourse against a six year old, whom she had just met and had never wronged her.

That remains my first memory of my first day of school, and my first encounter with true racism. It shaped my whole life, and at times I can still feel the blood as it trickles down the back of my neck. Four lines, a badge of honor given to me on that fateful day from a hateful person with Lee Press On Nails.

It has shaped my whole life.


-I am Crandew





As we gather up the pieces, and begin sorting them out as best we can… we now find that they were right all along. We were misled. We were foolish.

We were simply wrong.



We found out the hard way how easy it is to make errors in judgement, when myriads of swampy details assault us daily. So damn easy.

Mistakes happen my friend, and they should be acknowledged as such. I need you to acknowledge this.

I can’t do this alone.

Are you ready? Can we face the darkness at last?

Can we?



It’s going to sting when the bandage is finally pulled off.

I want to warn you right now, and give you what comfort and assurance I can.. so please brace yourself. Keep in mind.. it’s OK if you stood on the wrong side of the tracks, and fell headlong into the madness of swampy goo.

I did too.

Time will not be kind to us, I’m afraid.

I’m so very afraid.



We need a plan. We need an outline, a monkey trail to follow in order to traverse the ravine, and reach the outer banks safely.

We need a plan.

Acknowledge it, work to change faulty perceptions.. then move on with your life.

That will do.

For now.



-I am Crandew


Temp Rise

Subtle is now the way in which we are being forced to live.

Covered in the dust of a laundry list of really bad ideas… are the quaint notions of liberty, and justice. A lost child that can only weep for a future he’ll never know.

Our laws are gone. Our grasp on even our own reality has been eroded en masse by the dilution of words and the mangled interpretations of history.



As I take a final walk out into the world, I can’t help but feel somewhat sad. Therein is the loss that can not be fully understood until it’s become too late, and by then you see.. it’s too late.


-I am Crandew




Becoming Human

The craziest part to understanding why we do what we do is that it’s not nearly as complicated as one might imagine. There are only two steps.

Just two.

I’ll give them to you, for free.

  1. Define how the person (or character) sees the world.
  2. Define how the person (or character) reacts when the world (reality) is different from what they previously believed.

That’s it.

That’s the secret to knowing what a person will do in any situation.


-I am Crandew


-if you’re on Spotify, go check out this rock playlist:


It only takes a single voice to break the silence, a lonely spark to ignite the fire and one powerful idea to change the world.


The cave people knew this.

They told their stories through their artwork on so many barren cave walls. Later, in the middle ages great paintings were to bubble up as if by elfin magic, each depicting an important event… a stolen kiss or the rise and fall of an important city, or perhaps just some ancient love lost.

They knew.

The ideas were to be written down, and so they would not be forgotten. The colorful images that can somehow still play out before us, even though ages have passed. A forest defined quite nicely by the trees.


And what is to become of our age?

What can be saved and yet still contain any value, that can not be deleted when the electricity goes out?

I fear we’ve crossed over that dangerous bridge into the most plastic of times. Websites will rise and fall, much faster than Rome ever did.

And yet, hope demands that… it only takes a single voice to break the silence, a lonely spark to ignite the fire and one powerful idea to change the world.


-I am Crandew