They Lied

Everything the government has done against the people in the last few years has been done on purpose. None of it’s a mistake. The demons that infest our modern governments have absolutely lied to the people every step of the way.

Over and over again, which is easy to prove if you just watch the video below. An0maly has a great compilation of their shifty dancing goalposts, outrageous gaslighting and outright lies.

They are super evil and they are still lying, folks.

Inflation was always going to be the end result of printing massive amounts of money. A lot of us have said this from day one. Besides theft, it’s the only result.

As far as the pandemic goes, Covid doesn’t even exist, so the end goal of the ridiculous jab push was always going to be a worldwide genocide. It’s so obvious.

Think about it. None of this (virus/inflation) has slowed down. It’s not going away. It’s going to keep getting worse.

You need to understand that the massive rise in things like cancer, heart attacks and other life debilitating diseases are a direct result of the massive injections. That’s what the injections were for.

It really is that simple. folks.

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Take care, do the best you can with what you still have left!

-I am Crandew




You are the carbon they want to reduce.




  1. Gas has gone down, but that is only because we are squandering our national reserve. The sad thing about prices climbing is that they will never go down again on a permanent basis. I remember a time when milk was 25 cents a gallon and hamburger was the same.

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  2. The sad thing is I believe we had to go through this, to expose the evil/corruption. If Trump hadn’t won in 2016, and then hit with the plandemic, we may have never known just how evil the deep state is. I’m sure everything would’ve been exposed eventually…but things had to happen the way they did. For a reason. And we’re here, at this time and place for a reason.

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