Climate Change Hoax

If you really think that humans are somehow separate from nature, then I truly feel sorry for you. You couldn’t be more wrong, more led astray and more enslaved if you tried. We are as much a part of the natural world as anything else. There is no such thing as an ‘original sin’ where humans are to blame for everything. That’s nonsense.

If you want to wakeup and free yourself, you really need to understand that you have been lied to about ‘carbon emissions’ being bad and how that is what has been killing the planet. This is an ongoing lie. It is repeated nonstop by the demons in order to control you and make you do whatever they want.

It’s what they will use to bring about their great reset.

He had a number of great points in that video, which is why I shared it.

Here’s my take on it. I’m not the cause of any kind of mythical climate change that is somehow destroying the world any more than you are. It isn’t a real thing, folks. It’s a made-up thing, just like everything else the demons have pushed on us.

Haven’t you figured their game out yet?

It’s pretty simple. They twist words and phrases, always putting a positive spin on the things they want in order to get what they’re after.

We are very much a part of nature, always have been.

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Have a great day, do with it what you will!

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You are the carbon they want to reduce.


10 thoughts on “Climate Change Hoax

  1. I agree that it’s made up, but even more than that, it’s been engineered by those in power. I wrote about that in a post called Engineered Climate Change. I also wrote about overpopulation in another post which is another related, completely made up problem. Climate change and overpopulation are not problems that arise naturally. God (or nature, however you want to look at it) made us one with the earth and we don’t naturally overpopulate or destroy the earth because we are one with the earth and we are made of the earth. The reason the weather is all messed up is because of geoengineering/weather warfare and they’re using it as an excuse for control. They want us weak and they want to depopulate and they’ve already told us this through their media and shows. Like check out this 4 minute video from the X-Files . We’re not a problem to the earth, but we seem to be one to the ones who rule it.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! I call the people who are doing all this (lying nonstop to the masses) demons, because that’s what they are. Thanks for the clip and the comment! I think we’re pretty much on the same page on these issues.


  2. I agreed with many of the video creator’s points, there’s so much manipulation going on. They view us as disposable peasants (sheep). They can control the weather, they developed that tech back in the 1950s I think or earlier. They could make it rain through cloud seeding, can cause floods or doughts/heat waves.

    I think of original sin as the introduction of deception in the world, (I equate sin with doing something against the natural order of life/God’s perfect creation). humans were supposed to be stewards of nature (not abusing animals or wasting food). We’ve destroyed the paradise of earth through greed.

    Anyway the globalists love to blame us peasants while they create the toxic products that we use. It’s a crazy thing how they profit off of our consumerism, jet set and buy island sized yachts while lecturing us common folk about eating meat, or suggesting that we bathe less etc but they’re always excepted from the rules they enforce.

    I hope people choose the side of good and fight the tyranny but I literally think it’s the Biblical end of days. Being red-pilled led me back to Christianity when I saw how evil the globalists/elites are and they all seem to worship the beast.

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    1. Thanks! They do control the weather, no doubt. That’s just another reason to laugh at their obsession over ‘climate change’ which isn’t real. I wish there was a way to undo all the twisting of words the demons have used on the masses.

      When I said, original sin, I was only referring to the way the demons blame us peasant for everything. I’m tired of being blamed for things they do. It’s unfair and it’s insane.

      I’m not religious in the classical sense, but I do believe it’s the end of days. With all the nonsense we see unfolding, how can it not be?

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      1. You’re welcome my friend. They want to collapse the economy and make us eat bugs—it’s gotten so beyond belief! They start wars and destroy the planet and we let them. I wish we’d stop acting like their slaves but I guess it has to get really awful—but then it’ll be too late.

        I’m deep in the truther rabbit hole, I’m even reconsidering flat earth, not quite there yet but getting close. All I know is they’ve been lying to us about most things.

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      2. I think the time to push back may have already come and gone. Any resistance now will probably just play into the demons hands. I think they want the people to rise up so they can call in the troops and finish the job.

        Good to hear that you’re still considering the flat earth thing. I’m in the rabbit hole too. I pretty much take every official story as opposite of what’s presented, then go from there by researching it.

        No getting away from the fact that we’ve been lied to about darn near everything.

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      3. I agree, the time has passed and I think the globalists are well protected and their connections are deeply embedded in all aspects of society. They might throw a few under the bus but the real puppeteers are hidden. I think persecution of Christians, patriots, truthers will happen soon, they label us as domestic terrorists (like in North Korea throw us into camps). Sheep won’t wake up sadly they’ll fight the truth til the end. I think digital currency/mark of the beast is right around the corner along with mass starvation.

        I like your method of research, deconstruct what their narrative is by looking at the opposite. I will keep digging for truth, so many lies that we have to filter through.

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      4. Thanks. I agree with your assessment of the situation. Not sure what I’ll do when they roll out the digital currency thing. Oddly enough, I’ve been working this whole time even though I know it won’t last. I get the feeling that things will begin to move quicker soon. Guess we’ll see.


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