Roe v. Wade

The one thing I don’t hear people talking about just happens to be the most important point to all of this. Why now? But, we’ll get back to that later. First, here’s a short summary.

Roe v. Wade was a landmark legal decision issued on January 22, 1973, in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas statute banning abortion, effectively legalizing the procedure across the United States. –

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade, effectively ending recognition of a constitutional right to abortion and giving individual states the power to allow, limit, or ban the practice altogether. –

All this really means is that the individual states can now ban abortions again, if that’s what they want. Don’t worry about it so much, demons. It’s nothing to get your claws in an uproar over.

It’s called democracy, the will of the people. You know, it’s that thing you’re always yelling about when it’s in your favor, yet, crying fat tears of sadness about when it’s not.

The liberal states will always keep the door open for slaughtering unborn children. You’ll still get your daily ration of baby blood sacrifices and a reasonable flow of placenta cosmetics.

So just relax.

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The real question is: why now?

Over the past two years, we’ve had our individual liberties dragged through the mud and decimated. You know we have. Forced, coerced jabs in order to keep our jobs. Masks in order to buy food. The list goes on and on.

Why doesn’t the Supreme Court rule on those things? When are they going to strike down this ridiculous plandemic nonsense? Answer. Never, because the Supreme Court members are all part of the same team.

So, once again, why now?

It’s because it serves the cause, obviously. There’s a genocide in progress and this fits perfectly, as a diversion but so much more.

The jabs have sterilized people. The majority of people who rushed out and got the jabs are the same ones who use abortions as birth control. They won’t need abortions now.

I think that’s the reason. It’s just more cover for what’s really going on. Everything from Monkeypox to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is serving as cover.

Now, there’s simply one more.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, do with it what you will!

-I am Crandew




You are the carbon they want to reduce.


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13 Responses to Roe v. Wade

  1. Seoul Sister says:

    I think they purposefully want to enrage liberals, give them another thing to lose their minds over and give them another excuse to hate and blame conservatives for not wanting to kill innocent babies. It doesn’t take much to set the libs on a rampage and this one is their most prized “right”. It’ll be a civil war again soon? So tired of all the distractions of the vax genocide. Meanwhile the Reset is still ramping up while libs set the world of fire again with no punishments.

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    • Crandew says:

      That’s a good question: how long ’til the civil war begins? Like you said, so sick of the never-ending distractions. None of this would have been possible without the libs, the useful idiots. Apparently, it’s always like that. Just gotta hang on and live through it.


  2. While the left libs have no objection to killing unknown babies, they’ve always been against capital punishment (putting serial killers, rapist killers and other scumbags to death for their heinous crimes).

    Hell, even the Satanic AntiPope Francis threw out 2000 years of Catholic Church teaching and said capital punishment is always intrinsically wrong.

    But there’s a problem.

    The Revelation of Saint John the Divine says that believers in Christ will be beheaded for their faith in the Last Days.

    So that means capital punishment will become perfectly acceptable again.

    But what will bring this about?

    I believe the overturning of Roe vs. Wade is the answer.

    Left libs (to whom abortion is practically a sacrament) will become so outraged by the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, they’ll soon be changing their opposition to capital punishment and demanding the death penalty for those they call “conservative Christian nationalists” (although they will continue to be opposed to capital punishment for serial killers, rapist killers and other scumbags).

    CNN’s resident scumbags Jim Acosta and Don Lemon will be busy editorializing calling for the death penalty for “conservative Christian nationalists”.

    South African windbag Trevor Noah and AntiPope Francis worshipping “Catholic” Stephen Colbert and Eveready airhead Jimmy Kimmel will be doing the same.

    As will The View’s resident loudmouth airhead Joy Behar and airhead Whoopi Goldberg who can’t remember the number of abortions she’s had (it was either 6 or 7 she’s not sure), they’ll be doing the same.

    Believers in Christ will be beheaded for their beliefs in the Last Days.

    Saint John the Apostle foresaw it on the island of Patmos.

    Therefore an age which fancies itself opposed to capital punishment will have to change its beliefs somehow.

    And since abortion is the most sacred rite for the global elites and all those who believe their propaganda, those nasty people opposed to abortion the “conservative Christian nationalists” all must die.

    The overturning of Roe vs. Wade is the catalyst for these types to change their views on capital punishment.

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    • Crandew says:

      That really is an incredible take on the whole thing, and I’ll have to give it more thought… but it sounds completely plausible. There’s nothing liberals (globalists) hate more than nationalists, christians or not. Thanks. I really appreciate the ideas and input!

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  3. henhouselady says:

    The same folks screaming about the right to decide what to do with your body want to force a medical experiment on us all. We live in crazy times. I saw one of the protesters carry a Black lives matter sign at one of the protests over the court decision.

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    • Crandew says:

      Exactly. The fact that they have the audacity to cry about things now after what they just did is astounding. Such hypocrites. Don’t even get me started on the BLM thing. These are crazy times.

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  4. Just one more crack to widen the divide. I sat and watched people on social media losing their minds. Some was expected, I knew what they would do, some was not. The fact that the justice said that now more laws would have to be addressed made it worse. People are allowing themselves to get so worked up, so angry, so diverted they don’t see what is going on. That old adage, can’t see the forest for the trees. Start to see a tree, the forest erupts with killer bees, start to focus on a tree, we have a shortage, and another and an inquiry over January 6th, start to see a tree, we have another shortage, we have an over turning of Roe, then a justice saying that other laws will need to be looked at. Keep the masses stirred up, angry and turning on each other. They won’t see what is really coming.

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