Just another coincidence.

There’s no way the demons are just pulling our chains. I trust in the media, the overlords and well-dressed psychos that are ruining everything.

It’ll never stop until someone stops it.

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Have a great day, do with it what you will!

-I am Crandew



You are the carbon they want to reduce.


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9 Responses to MONKEYPOX

  1. There was also the missing vial of smallpox from the lab in Pennsylvania at about the same time as the escaped lab monkeys.

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  3. Seoul Sister says:

    12 Monkeys. War disease famine.

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    • Crandew says:

      Good point, I always forget about 12 Monkeys. Haven’t watched that in years. War, disease and famine are the big ones for sure.

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      • Seoul Sister says:

        There was a crash in PA full of escaped lab monkeys on the freeway, that and Biden’s Dark Winter comments plus Dark Winter simulation too. 10% mortality is still relatively low but seeing how they acted with covid…

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      • Crandew says:

        I remember hearing about that. I still have my doubts as to its validity. I think I’ll always default to thinking it’s all lies unless proven otherwise.


  4. socrates1234 says:

    I have a document from Last year showing the monkeypox was to start May 15th, 2022 and it shows the number of death in August of 2022. The scam is intended to go thru I believe the middle of 2023.

    It’s almost if they plan these absurdities!

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