America in Ruins

The sky was a hazy blush this morning as I stepped out onto the landing to pull few drags. Those who have never smoked will undoubtedly never understand the gentle peppering of small breaks embedded in the process.

There’s a cradled sensation that moves back and forth between creation and reflection. One that adds a unique flavor to life.

Also, I’ll most likely die horribly one day from an eventual lung erosion, but cognitive dissonance prevents me from focusing too long on that part. At least it won’t be from the jabs.

But I digress…

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

America in Ruins

There are a few things one must take into account before trying to understand what the demons are doing to us and why. I’m concerned with where this is all headed, of course, but mostly because I wanted my children to have a brighter future and that isn’t looking all that promising at the moment.

So, what is it we need to know and why?

Well, folks, I think we need to stop looking outward so much and begin looking inward. We need to know ourselves better, what drives and controls our own unique actions. At the risk of enraging everyone again, we need to be a lot more selfish!

We also need to understand better just where our feet are actually planted. What on earth is this incredibly intricate realm we inhabit? Why all the mystery around things like its shape?

Why can’t we travel south and check out the ice walls for ourselves?

The world governments (including Russia) have all designated the ice walls to the south no-go zones. They shoot anyone who gets near. What’s that all about? Am I the only one who thinks that’s extremely fishy behavior? C’mon, man. Let’s go check out the ice walls!

Seriously, I know it’s difficult to navigate through all the lies and half-truths of a tainted history and even more so governments, but it must be attempted if we are to ever understand the ground we walk on.

Nothing is what you were told it was.

If you watched the above video, it’s easy to see how rewritten our own American history has been. What has been taught in school is junk in comparison.

No mention of any of the wonderful ruins JonLevi uncovers.

On that note, I encourage you to check out more of his videos and join him in his quest. I’m still sifting through his previous videos and I can affirm they’re so worth watching.

We’re living in such a strange time period. The demons are throwing a genocidal party, everyone’s invited. On top of that, there’s a great awakening where lots of us are finally asking questions about the very things we should have been questioning all along.

It’s mind-blowing entertainment. Fun for the whole family.

But that’s all for now, back to my box.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, do with it what you will!

-I am Crandew




You are the carbon they want to reduce.




  1. I homeschooled my son 9-12, focusing a lot on American History. The first year, was spent almost completely on Native American History. We could have spent the whole 4 years just on Native American history, but I figured he needed to know the Revolutionary War, French and Indian War, and such. As it was, we only touched on WW2 before he “graduated”. There is a lot of history out there, and a lot of it “hidden” from us, if we only look.

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    • Everything our world is completely inverted fyi. If you read that America is the good guy, you are reading propaganda.

      America fights for the bankster cabal and the wrong side everytime.

      The south was even the good guys in WW2. The inversion never ends.


      • Well, if any narcissistic racist supremacist subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yid fake joo was involved in your curriculum, I assure you it is a completely inverted LIE!


      • Nope, just me. I did NOT use the public school system or any religious organization to educate my son. So think before you assume anything! When I say I taught my son American history, I did just that…the good and the bad.
        And by the way, the USA is the greatest nation on this planet!! Nowhere else on this green planet do you have the freedoms that we have. Last time I checked we still have the right to worship the way we want, or not; to educate our children the way we want; to work where and when we want, to live where we want…it’s called freedom of choice/conscious. Although the current admin, if you want to call it that, is trying to take our freedoms away. How many people die every year or risk their lives trying to get here? Yes, there have been bad decisions/apples throughout history…but that does not mean the U.S. is the absolute worse. Try speaking out against the gov anywhere else and see what happens. And for the life of me I can not figure out why we should’ve sided with Germany/Hitler or Japan…they wanted to destroy us! And I have searched, searched and searched some more. I still cannot find anything…
        So again, think before you assume anything about anyone.

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      • I’m with you Holly. I’m sure Socrates will reply, but it’s awesome you educated your son yourself. I trust that way more than our school system. As far as the Hitler thing, Socrates believes Hitler was fighting the central banks (which may be true) but in the end, he was a puppet. We can all have theories, but nobody really knows for sure because everything has been tainted.


      • Unfortunately the complete inversion is true. America is Plato’s Republic and fights on the wrong side of every war. As an American myself it was a tough realization for sure, as through my tons of research I figured out that American’s are the most brainwashed nation in the world, with the illusion of being free. Unfortunately America as we see with all this satanic LGBT and transgenders nonsense plus child sex trafficking by such disgusting scum as Disney, these truths are coming to light more and more. But American’s are so mind controlled they ignore these facts as the satanic agenda is pushed little by little. The bill from the satanic state of CA to kill innocent babies up to 28 days should wake people, but it only gets a murmur The neuro toxin flouride in the water to make people docile works.
        The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS, as American’s ignore them all. The controlled demolition on 911 which I believed when it happened, should be a wake up call. But even this doesn’t garner the amount of attention it should because most American’s simply cannot think. American’s are trained thru our public brain damaging centers (which you are so right not to send your child to a brainwashing center) to trust authority figures or look it up on the internet of LIES.
        Orwell most certainly did not write fiction, as it is a complete guidebook today, as Voltaire made a statement many moons ago “See who you cannot criticize, that is who controls you.”

        “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Orwell

        The truth is being censored, and the propaganda msm perpetuates pure LIES. This is the inversion completely.


      • Just because we don’t believe the narrative that is being sold to us, doesn’t mean “something” didn’t happen. It is up to the individual to question and research…I cannot force you to believe the way I do, nor can you. All we can do is share what we believe to be the truth, in a loving and gentle way. That is what freedom is all about. Trying to force anyone to be or act a certain way doesn’t win anyone over, neither dies name calling. But that also doesn’t mean we don’t fight back. We just can’t stoop to their level. That doesn’t get us anywhere.
        Unfortunately, there are too many that are so brainwashed that they won’t realize what’s happening if it slapped them in the face.
        I do believe that we are fighting a spiritual war right now. And it’s not something that will be “won” tomorrow. I’ve often said that if I can get just one person to wake up, to question what they’ve been taught…I will be happy. I think I have reached more people by questioning my own beliefs, by asking people to research for themselves rather than blindly believing what I put out there, than by saying what they believe is wrong. We won’t win over anyone that way. But…people are waking up.

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      • Understand I simply state FACTS. Unfortunately American’s ignore FACTS.

        A perfect example of name calling is the “white supremacist” or “white privilege” labels.

        Labels are for brainwashing purposes which these obviously are for done in the propaganda media and even by the department of injustice.

        It is a FACT everything is inverted as per the bible or Orwell. The brainwashing is exactly what does this as the masses are controlled by their ego which inverts reality.

        I unfortunately know you will ignore everything of what I just said because it disagrees with your programming. Your programming still believes lefties are an open minded liberal which is a purely brainwashed label, not a FACT, yet they cannot even figure out their gender nowadays.

        As a philosopher I try to make people people which is rare in our Brave New World as I don’t force any of my beliefs ever.I merely state the truth which American’s are not programmed with at all!

        “We will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything an American knows is false.” William Casey CIA director 1981


      • and yet God gave us free will, but that doesn’t mean that there are no consequences for our choices.
        You have just labeled me as a brainwashed zombie…interesting!


      • God gave us free will but I assure you the demon’s circumvented most people’s free will thru his control like our CIA propaganda media etc.

        It is your ego’s opinion I labeled you, but it is most certainly NOT a FACT.

        This is the problem with Brave New World as you ignored everything I said which had no personal accusations whatsoever, but your ego wants to protect itself because what I tell you disagrees with your programming, as most of what I write does since American’s are programmed with all LIES.

        True history should include the country of Tartaria, mud floods, giant people and trees, flat earth etc.If your curriculum doesn’t include these, it is false as the demons do not want you to know about these things so they can control you.

        The ego protecting the ego (which is actually the sub conscious minds programming) is exactly what the ego is. I just do my best to get people to question their own reality. My researched beliefs most certainly are in the minority, as we have been lied too our whole life.

        The Matrix is the ego, and the ego is the most difficult thing to figure out.


      • If I was letting my ego control things, I would have cussed you out up one side and down the other, I would have said things to you that would shame you. I know way more than I am letting on…so sorry to inform you, my ego is not controlling me.
        Believe it or not, not everything about America is a lie. Most of what we have been taught is only partly true…if we were to teach our children absolutely everything there is to know, it would never end. I am still learning. Like I said earlier, it is up to the individual to learn/unlearn what the schools teach. And then to figure out what is true/false…according to what we believe and what our understanding is.
        And you did label me as brainwashed…

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      • Well put! I’ve been at odds with Socrates over his using ego as an excuse for everything. No offense Socrates, but I’m siding with what she just said because the ego is not the root of all evil. There’s a danger in thinking everyone is controlled by it. Some of us aren’t.

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      • Words do not affect me in the least. If you did personally attack me with cuss words because I merely am challenging your programming, that is the ego entirely. And that is a personal attack which I did not do in the least. But you perceive it is due to your the non comprehension of facts. I understand it is frustrating. It actually is the problem with almost every American. Whether it be the TV, public brainwashing centers, or all the books which are written backwards that you do not realize because they are all written that way, this has inverted American’s minds thinking so they believe the opposite of the truth, and are programmable thru repetition.

        Ancient philosophy debunk modern psychology which is really brainwashing. Freud was a narcissistic pedophile so he was a LIAR. He told people the opposite of the truth.

        The ego denies it exists is exactly what the ego is, and the programming is designed to produce the ego. The ego is self, emotional, and ignores FACTS.

        These are just FACTS! It is very difficult I understand, but I am merely trying to make you and everyone else think. Nothing more nothing less.


      • You are assuming, again, about me which you have no right to do. All I did was comment on my friends post that I homeschooled my son. You, and your egotistical self, keep making assumptions about me when you know absolutely nothing about me or my family. Despite everything, all your ranting and raving God wins in the end. Period. We can try and win over souls, but the way you’re doing it, it won’t happen.

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      • It is a FACT I never made any personal comments about you at all and I applaud you for home schooling as no child belongs in any of our public brain damaging centers.

        Your perception that I assumed anything about you is your egos perception and it is completely false. But that is how the ego works as it is the I believe I am right disease which is prevalent in our society today which is a product of the mind control by the CIA.

        I knew the mechanics of the issue first as I called it the inverted mind for quite a while, and then a friend brought up the term ego which I realized they were talking about the inverted mind.Nobody knew what the inverted mind was, but they have heard of the ego obviously.

        The sad reality is for me to deprogram someone I have to upset them because what I say will disagree with their programmed beliefs. I of course did that which you will perceive as an insult, but it is not nor is it even remotely personal. It is just explaining what I know.

        The ego which is the mind control of the sub conscious mind is self and how the mind control protects it’s programming is to not listen and be stubborn in its beliefs. I deal with this issue on a daily basis and I do hold the world record for being called retarded. I know when a person personally insults me it is merely there ego protecting their programmed beliefs. Nobody is personally insulted more than me and told I am wrong constantly. I don’t live in the Matrix so of course this happens.

        My intent is too help you, but what I write instead of dismissing it all, it would behoove you to try and think about what I am telling you. Jesus because he knew Peters ego knew he would deny him. The ego simply denies the truth!


  2. Totally understand about the smoking ritual, as I have been a more on than off smoker since I was 15. Took a two year break when I had my son, but couldn’t live without it (haha) I guess. I do wonder if this is one of the reasons I haven’t caught the virus yet.

    Fascinating video. I have searched up my province of Ontario and with a cursory glance found 14 ruins sites we can explore this summer. I wanted to do some day trips, so this will be perfect. Thanks for the idea. 🥰

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    • You’re welcome. I’m hoping to do some day trips as well, see what kind of mischief I can get into. I really like Jon Levi’s videos, real laid-back but informational.


  3. Did you know that smoking is anti-inflammatory plus smokers because of the nicotine are protected because the nicotine stops the virus (or whatever it is) from attaching?

    Of course you should be smoking filterless cigarettes as they put garbage in them. But still just more of the inversion.

    I am an open minded liberal so I look at all the facts and whatever the demons say, I always do the opposite.

    Stay away from hospitals as they are Rockefeller death zones. And keep smoking to stay healthy!

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    • That must be why I never get sick. I’d like to grow my own tobacco but that’ll prob never happen. As far as hospitals, couldn’t agree more.


      • Yes, everything you have been told your whole life is a lie.

        I myself will be doing philanthropy this summer helping KKK slavery democrats tie their shoes. It’s tough but we have been able to help almost half of them to tie their shoes so they don’t trip and hurt themselves so much.

        I do this because I care!

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  4. I’ve been to the park in Indiana where they have the ruins. It is in Indianapolis. The stuff he showed from Gary I haven’t visited. Nobody goes to Gary if they can manage to stay away.

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  5. good….I like to think of Americans as abused children..It’s what happens when you live in heart of the Evil Empire 😊😊

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