Right Out the Window

Super cold morning, once again.

I watched some videos while waiting for the heat to kick on and pondered life for a bit, then a pattern emerged, something I hadn’t previously thought of.

It has to do with the connection between the ongoing trucker event in Canada and the upcoming “cyber-attack” event the TV people keep warning us about.

I don’t think we really have as much time left as I thought we once did. Also, all of this winning, losing stuff has become very draining, which is probably not only why it’s occurring, but also being done to lead us straight into the next major phase of the game.

The “empty everyone’s wallet” phase.

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Constitutional Rights

All laws in the US are derived from the Constitution.

The creation and powers of the US government, along with policing and court systems, flow like water from the Constitution. If something is attempted that isn’t strictly Constitutional, something that goes against the rights protected therein, then it’s invalid.

Think about that for a moment. If you try to create a system that breaks with any part of what’s outlined in the Constitution, then that system is in and of itself invalid. That’s why I no longer recognize the system as a whole as anywhere near to being valid.

Taxes, politicians, policing and the courts… they’re all complete garbage now. I don’t agree or comply with any of it. Hashtag: #notmysystem

It’s like trying to play a game where the rules are constantly changing. It can’t work, and eventually a smart person will simply walk away.

Well, everything that has been done to us since March 2019, all the shutdowns, masking and forced mandates, have been illegal.

None of it has followed the Constitution.

“The laws are out the window…”

In the video, Richie mentions something interesting near the end, based on what Dr Evil (which is hilarious by the way) said. Cyber-attacks.

At first, I believed that was going to be the excuse they’d use to shut the power off on everyone, but now, I think it’s the excuse they’ll use to close all the banks.

They’ll shut them all down at once, all across the country.

Dark Winter

Imagine you’re eating your breakfast, and suddenly, out of nowhere, they announce the banking system has been hacked. Yikes!

Damn Russians. Guess it all has to go dark until a new system can be put in its place. Well, look at that… your entire savings is now gone. Looks like you’re penniless, friend, and in complete control of the government.

Whatever they say goes, right?

I think that’s how they’ll roll out their new system, digital currency and social crediting – all at once, with no resistance, because they just wiped out everyone’s livelihood.

Hmm… right out the window.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, do with it what you will!

-I am Crandew




It’s over, folks. The curtains are being pulled back, the demons are the ones in control, and the house of cards is rapidly coming down. You are the carbon they want to reduce.



  1. The US of America corporation does not use the “constitution.” It and all the representatives do what best for the corporation, and the slaves be damned.

    The puppet show is about over folks, as they will soon pull back the curtains to show you the brick wall at the back of the stage. None of it has been real your whole life as it has all been a pedowood production.

    I know you won’t believe me as nobody wants their reality shattered, but I have figured out all the lies and shadows of our make believe culture. America is and always has been Plato’s Republic. Read it and you will say I am right as America fights on the wrong side of every war for the Rothschild et.al. banksters cabal.

    Everything you have been taught your whole life is one big lie.

    “History is a lie commonly agreed upon.” Voltaire

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