World Gone Mad

Yesterday was 2/2/22. That probably means something.

There’s been a string of storms assaulting the country, seems a bit symbolic if you ask me. One right after the other.

Boom, boom, boom.

Over a hundred students of Washougal High School near Vancouver WA staged a walkout over mask mandates.

Rock on!

That’s what needs to happen everywhere, in our workplaces, our grocery stores… everywhere. It’s the only thing that ends the nightmare.

Stop complying with all the mandates.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’


Trudeau tried to portray the Freedom Convoy as the villain, however, Ottawa’s Chief of Police quickly destroyed his narrative.

The world leaders do nothing but lie. Why aren’t they all on trial for their crimes against humanity? I think that’s the thing to focus on.

Simply hold leaders accountable for their actions.

Shutting down the countries is the wrong approach. It’ll lead to mass starvation, which is what the demons want.

I would strongly suggest throwing everyone involved in this worldwide scam in jail, then putting them all on trial for their crimes against humanity.

Chop the head off the snake to end the battle.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’


No matter how we collectively deal with the puppets, the US economy will collapse. It’s inevitable now. It has been since before the first Omnibus Bill was passed, back in 2020.

All those bills that followed just sealed the deal, Pete. They’ll cause a hyperinflation that’ll wipe out the dollar. Make no mistake about it.

Also, that being the case, banks will close and companies will be destroyed, along with everyone’s life savings. The monetary collapse will spark a panic and the globalist puppets will then use this panic to usher in their digital currency.

Digital currency was always a part of the endgame for these tyrannical monsters. They’ll be able to better track the populous this way, as well as cutting off those who dare oppose them.

Anyone who got the jab, just to keep their job, will feel the burn at this point. Life was never going back to normal, no matter how far you bent over. Ironically, by the time they fully realize what they’ve helped usher in, it’ll be far too late to change anything.

Remember, it was never about health, it’s about control and it has always been a depopulation event. That hasn’t changed and it won’t change.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, do with it what you will!

-I am Crandew




You are the carbon they want to reduce.



  1. The earth is FLAT with a dome or firmament. Conspiracy globbery is absolutely absurd.

    I am a moderator for FLAT earth on social media and FLAT earth truth is growing by leaps and bounds.

    Whatever they taught you at the public brain damaging centers or promote on the propaganda msm is always the opposite of the truth. EVERYTHING and there is a reason they promote the glob. If they can make you believe that LIE, they can fool you on everything else.

    Conspiracy music guru tells you the truth in his songs and they are very good!

    Television watching news believer
    I told you so
    Big Pharma

    Very entertaining TRUTH!!

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  2. I’m hearing the Nuremberg Trials have already started, but I’m also not seeing anything publicly. So, I don’t know. Everyone involved needs to be sent to Gitmo then hung in the public square for all to see! That is the only way this is going to stop!
    I too am slowly taking money out of the bank, but I also have investments I’m trying to figure out what and how to deal with (it’s really how I’m surviving, I mean thriving, right now). When I pull money, I pull more than I need and stick it away.

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    • I don’t think you’re wrong, by the way…some people think when we talk this way that we think this is going to happen tomorrow. We’re just ahead of the game, we see the writing on the wall…it could be tomorrow, next year, or 5 years…we just know what we know!

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      • Thanks, I really appreciate that!

        Making predictions is something that’s often confused (conflated) with ‘hoping’ these events will occur, which has never been the case. Like you said, these things can happen anytime. Just because they haven’t happened yet doesn’t negate the threat.

        Yeah, I’ve been doing the exact same thing, taking a little bit out here and there. I’ve been trying to store up on anything I think might be useful in the future (food, supplies, etc..)

        I’ve heard the same thing about Nuremberg 2.0 and I really hope they succeed! It needs to be all the world leaders, doctors and bankers, all at once so they don’t weasel out of it.

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      • What I aim for is to not make my own prognostications but rather listen to what “they” have in their crystal balls. Thus, Agenda 21 and 2030. That’s the Master Plan and so far we’re down that path. Prepping has been gamed out and they aim to subvert this by banning home gardening, stockpiling, firearms, off-gridding, or anything else that resembles self-reliance. And as I pointed out in my “Grim outlook for Covid refugees” post they have the outdoors (where you might bugout) under near-total surveillance already. We cannot simply hide out until the smoke clears living off our hoard, our prep, or our survival skills.
        We have to stand and fight.

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      • Those are great points, and I’m sure you’re right. We’ll be left with no other options other than to stand and fight.


      • Thank you. I don’t want to be right about this; it’s the one thing we WANT to be wrong about…

        I had a dream/vision/nightmare about being in a civil war. I was in some sort of trenches on a front line and war was raging around me. Someone was shouting and shoving a rifle into my hands. It was the moment I finally had to make the choice to literally fight for my freedom, to literally put my life on the line and even kill for my freedom. Both resolute but shitting my pants, I chose to fight. That was it. Just a snippet, a mini-vignette.

        We all should consider such things. When the time really comes, will we literally stand, and literally fight? People say they would, or that the foot soldiers will take them to the camps “over their dead body” but when there are 5 rifles aimed at your family and two more at you, while an MRAP or APC sits outside with men and grenades and tear gas and shotguns and dogs, and the drones are hovering over the lawn… the time to fight has long, long passed.

        We need to act now before there are drones over the yard aiming searchlights for the death squads as they round up the last of the holdouts for the camps.

        We cannot expect marches or letters to work anymore. Direct action gets results. It may be too late but in that case what the hell have we got to lose by going down swinging.

        My personal anthem, look up Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee’s “Fighting a Losing Battle”

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  3. Just as Winston Churchill knew there could be no compromise with the Nazis, he would accept nothing less than their unconditional surrender so he could then see them hung.

    So it must be with the gangster elites and the world leaders promoting the Great Reset.

    They all must be hung by the neck until dead.

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    • Winston Churchill is a war criminal who served the Rothschild/Rockefeller ashkeNAZI zionist bankster scum who pushed the war with Germany as Hitler did not want war in the least. America fought on the wrong side of the war as Patton realized before they murdered him. The good German’s were NOT NAZIs.

      Nuremberg trials were a total farce!

      The German’s were innocent and unfortunately did not dispose of the ugly smelly egotistical RETARDED subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI fake joo vermin.

      The satanic UN and the criminal federal reserve is run by these (((pharisee money changers))) faulty inbred soulless useless eating disgusting vermin, as Jesus described this low life filth well in John 8:44.

      The whole morally depraved despicable anti-semitic inferior race needs to be thrown into the streets and used as a urinal and spit on as God designed the dross for!!

      The brainwashing is very good in America isn’t it?

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      • I knew you’d jump on that one.

        I know what you’re saying and agree, but the focus should remain on the evils of today, not uncovering the lies of yesterday.

        Actual trials for those perpetrating this farce need to happen. That’s the focus.


      • The evils of today are the exact same as they have always been. It has never changed from the bible and from Socrates who was accused by Meletus of corrupting the youth (No he was making them think) who had an aqualine nose. The pharisee money changers have a big nose and they were not called joos back then, but it is the same tribe.

        They simply are and always have been satan’s chosen deceivers, but the biggest trouble of all we never learn from history so we repeat it over and over again.

        They use the same game plan and unfortunately it works.

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      • Probably going to regret this comment, but you “agree” with the statement that the Germans in WWII were “innocent”? Or that their failure was that they did not “dispose of” the Jews, as the comment says? Or that Jews are “faulty inbred soulless useless eating disgusting vermin”? Or that Jews should be “thrown into the streets and used as a urinal”? Just checking. NOT accusing or judging, just seeking clarification.

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      • That’s a really tough question to answer. What Socrates was colorfully alluding to is that WWII is not what we’re taught in school. I won’t go into it here, but I will write a post about it eventually. Suffice to say, it’s a subject worth looking into and thinking critically about.


      • Oh no, don’t be fooled, I’m definitely aware of how little of the reality of it is taught in schools. It’s a very colorful side of a story, the yarn they spoon-fed us as youth.

        But the one truth that everyone keeps forgetting to tell is the ultimate truth. It’s the hardest for us to accept because it flays us open, lays us bare and leaves our demons and evils nowhere to hide. That one, pure truth: love.

        So to Crandew and Socrates123, and everyone everwhere, I love you!

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      • I’ve found that what they teach us is not only the opposite of the truth, but also taught to us to serve their agenda. Everything has always been about control.

        Right now it’s harvest and reset time, but the stories will soon all be rewritten to set the younger generation up, and the game will begin all over.


      • We have extreme stockholm syndrome in America, and it is extremely obvious who controls the media controls the mind. This is a huge problem as the satanic zionist bankster ashkeNAZIs who Hitler ousted to create a very prosperous country free from the banksters. They did not like this and declared war on Germany in 1933.

        Americans overwhelmingly did not want to go to war, but the false flag of pearl harbor ( Rosenfelt knew it was coming but wanted as many casualties as possible so he didn’t tell them) which got America to fight on the wrong side.

        Hitler only wanted peace but was rebuffed by the war criminal Winston Churchils who was a drunk owned by the ashkeNAZI Zionist satanic Bankster scum.

        The Germans suffered a holocaust as 5.7 million Gernan soldiers were starved to death in open fields.

        Auschwitz was a work camp with a hospital, swimming pools, and an opera house. Those are not needed in a death camp. The biggest thing that proves the holohoax is a LIE is that I assure you there would be NO survivors if there was a death camp as the Germans are the most efficient people in the world.

        The pharisee money changers and that is exactly who they are, or joos or semitic in the least run the criminal private federal reserve. The whole inferior complex race is extremely egotistical which is why they have no trouble with all their LIES.

        They are obviously behind all the Rockefeller death shots that are killing people, as they have e done ALL the genocides in true history.

        Everything you were indoctrinated with at the public brain damaging centers is a complete LIE!!

        “We will know are disinformation campaign is complete when everything an American believes is false.” William Casey CIA director 1981

        That statement is true!!

        I have done a ton of research, and figuring out 911 was a controlled demolition was the start of it all. ItsaHELL did 911 100%

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  4. I think you’re right, I heard recently that Soros and elites pulled out their bank stocks. The insurance companies and banks will collapse. I’ve been taking money out of the banks because I thought they would prevent unvaccinated from accessing their money but it’s much worse than I thought. They have many alternative plans in case some plans fail, they’ve been orchestrating this for several decades. They’ll use the truck convoy against us too, blame empty shelves on the truckers when they already caused that with the cargo ships stranded. They want as much suffering as possible to train the sheep to comply.

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    • Exactly. It was a smart move to pull your money from the bank, but ultimately the US dollar will become worthless. It’s just a matter of time, and of when. We’re seeing massive inflation already.

      It all goes back to the central banks (Fed Reserve); they steal as much as they can from the workers, then crash the system, destroying whatever country. They’ve done this countless times already, now it’s worldwide, all at once.

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      • It’s crazy that the Fed reserve which is privately not government run, is allowed to print money for free but they charge interest, it’s a total scam. I heard that’s why the Titanic was sunk, elites that were opposed to the fed reserve died in that tragedy and it was also voted in illegally during a holiday. There are hundreds of new billionaires since the plandemic. They get richer while they kill and bankrupt us. I haven’t gotten all of my money out, I’ve been doing this slowly. I’m thinking I should buy gold, but that’s still part of their system.

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      • I hadn’t heard about the Titanic connection, but it doesn’t surprise me. It’s sad that most people don’t even know the Fed Res is a private, central bank. It is a complete scam and always was.

        Not sure if buying gold would help because the problem will be a supply shortage (among other things) but it certainly would be safer than keeping the US dollar or leaving it in a bank.

        I’m pretty sure the banks will all just close one day, without any notice. That’s when the shock and panic will really hit the country. Everyone’s savings gone in an instant.

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      • The Titanic also had strange predictive programming about it sinking, so many hidden elite agendas. I should post about it. Truth is stranger than fiction for sure.
        I can imagine the banks closing soon. My credit union has stopped many customer service features as if they’re about to close. I think gold will at least retain some value in the future whereas paper currency is getting phased out also. Can’t stop the reset, wish we could.

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      • It’s looking like every major event we’ve ever been taught, like the Titanic sinking, has a completely different backstory from what we’re led to believe.

        Have you seen any of the stuff on Lincoln being black and Washington being the 8th President, not the first? It’s enough to make your head spin. So many lies.

        Also, I find it strange how silver/gold are so valuable. I do agree that they’ll retain their value, at least, they always have so far.

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      • The Titanic had the bankers on it who would have stopped the criminal private federal reserve. There were not enough lifeboats on board for a reason. Sunk in 1912 and the private federal reserve formed in 1913. You can read the creature from jekyl island.

        All of those involved were the (((Pharsisee money changers))).

        The boat they sunk with explosives was the Olympic also, not the Titanic.

        All wars are bankster wars as all death and destruction is a business model, including all big pharma run by these same (((pharisee money changers))).

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      • History turns out to be very subjective and often fictional. The truth leaks out but sounds so crazy that it’s dismissed, evil genius idea way to hide the truth. That we’ve been conditioned to say “conspiracy theory” like it’s a joke/insult is their power over the truth.

        I haven’t heard those theories, I wonder about it all. So many ways to distract and manipulate how we perceive things. How can we find the truth after all this time? I think with the coming reset They will rewrite more history just as they do with the present.

        I wonder about silver/gold too. Is it mined for different reasons other than decorative? Have you seen the film, the “Gods of Egypt”, the Egyptian gods bled gold blood, the film also showed a flat earth model. I don’t believe in the flat earth theory but I believe in a similar theory, I’m still building up courage to post on it :).

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      • As far as history goes, I think we’ll never know the truth, just like in 1984 – it’s been too distorted.

        Gold/silver are really useful in electronics. That might be where they get their real value.

        I think we’re in a snow globe under water. I want to do some experiments on measuring the supposed curvature of the earth this summer. Guess we’ll see how it goes.

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      • 1984, I want to read it, I only saw the film versions.

        True, they’ve been stealing catalytic converters for the precious metals inside. I wonder what the real technology is that we’re not allowed to see, probably involves precious metals.

        I hope all scientists will prove what’s real, what the current science is saying isn’t the truth I do believe we’re being misled, I’m just not sure what’s a lie. It’s truly the Matrix on a mind-warping level.

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      • 1984 is a quick read (short) and well worth the time. We are basically the character Winston, struggling to hold on to any tiny piece of truth we can find.

        I read it a few times before, years ago, but just re-read it again last year. Made a lot more sense and was way scarier this time.

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      • Thanks. I’ll definitely post about them if I can get things going. Proving or disproving the curvature of the earth is the best way to prove or disprove the flat earth theories. That’s my goal (for my own validation).

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  5. Your truth sure is dire!! It’s almost as if all this has been planned by the satanic bankster scum Rothschild/ Rockefeller diseased sludge?

    Nothing by chance as all the world is a stage to these soon to burn in HELL demons!!

    Little factoid in the Hebrew word Divoc means “to be possessed by demons.” Since everything in our world is completely inverted, what does that word spell backwards? Covid!

    20. 1 Peter 2:19 For God is pleased with you when you do what you know is right and patiently endure unfair treatment.
    21. Proverbs 12:19 Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

    Don’t stop telling the TRUTH!!

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