A Very Chilly Morning

It’s -7 degrees out, quite the frosty awakening I can assure you. My fingers fumble across the keyboard as I try to write this out.

Where do all the poor ducks go when it’s this cold?

As I surf the daily clips and most recent videos, my hunger for this fake pandemic to finally come to an end begins to bubble over and I contemplate throwing in the towel.

How many years have to go by and how much suffering must we do?

I venture outside for another smoke, but it’s far too cold to linger.

Why bother checking on the globalist agendas progress anyway?

I already know where it’s all headed. The bumps, twists and turns that dazzle us on a daily basis are simply a small part of the game. The smoke and mirrors part, if you will.

My fallback line surfaces. It was never about your health, folks. They just desperately want you to take their concoction, their evil brew, their deadly injections.

By any means necessary, first carrot then stick…

The end result was determined a long, long time ago.

I believe that this has been in the works for much longer than we realize, probably since the last reset which was a few hundred years ago.

Remember, it was never about health, it’s always been a depopulation event. That hasn’t changed. It won’t change.

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Have a great day, do with it what you will! If you have a moment, check out my latest song below. Thanks!

-I am Crandew




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You are the carbon they want to reduce.



  1. The last clip of DeSantis shows how they’re infecting more with the bio weapon, of course they want vaxxed workers spreading toxins and shedding over everyone. I just saw a video about monoclonal treatment and it’s very bad. Either DeSantis is being fooled or he’s also part of this. Sad because I really liked him.

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    • Since he’s a politician, he’s probably part of it. It’s doubtful there’s anyone in power who’s not controlled at this point. Just read your latest post. So many fake, controlled opposition sites. Looks like our options are wearing thin.

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  2. The thing is this Great Reset the elitists are plannkng is all based on technology and the electrical
    And computer systems and satellites supporting it.

    All it would take is for one 21st Century Ted Kaczynski to send up a small rocket into space whose purpose is to emit a huge EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that would knock out all the world’s satellites and electronic grid systems below it.

    And the Great Reset would go up in flames.

    They’ve lost the ability to track and trace everyone.

    “Shit!” will be Bill Gates’ last words before he commits hari kari with an old Commodore 64 keyboard.

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    • It’s interesting that you mention the Unabomber. I was thinking about him the other day, and methods aside, he was way ahead of his time in mistrusting technology.

      As a physicist, I’m not convinced that EMP’s even exist. I’m pretty sure that satellites are simply devices hung from weather balloons, not things orbiting in space.

      That being said, the Achilles heel for the tyrannical globalists is undoubtedly technology (media, smart phones, cameras).

      Remove those and they lose their main power.


      • The satellites are merely held up by weather balloons as extortion fraud free mason NASA is the biggest purchaser of helium for a reason.

        The earth is FLAT with a dome or firmament like it says in genesis.

        An actornot is merely proficient at being a good scuba diver in a pool.

        The lies keep coming don’t they?

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      • Most people seem to hope for some sort of Carrington Event that doesn’t kill everything but merely wipes out the tech.

        But there’s a million million tech devices and many that will survive due to being shielded by rock or other dense materials, including the massive stockpiles underground. Bunkers abound these days so the roaches may come crawling back out once the smoke clears.

        My problem is that there are hundreds of nuclear reactors in operation right now. What happens when suddenly all the systems running them, keeping them from meltdown, are fried? Thousands of other industrical facilities have toxic and dangerous systems and materials and if the control systems fail, what stops an explosion, fire, leak?

        We can’t just flip the off switch and hope nothing blows. No, it’ll be a total global disaster. So the tech has to go dark selectively otherwise we’re kind of screwed. And of course digi coin is useless in a tech blackout, my main gripe with its adoption.

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      • Those are all really great points! I’ve considered the power plant shutdown thing, and I think you’re exactly right. We can’t just flip a switch.

        Tech going dark needs to be selective… so true. Thanks.

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  3. As I only have about 30 kb/s at best I cannot watch videos, do you know if anyone creates write-ups of videos for folks like me?

    I’ve been privy to the “conspiracy theories” for most of my life, and yes, this has been in the works for several hundred years. “They” decided that the inevitable rise and fall of every historical empire needs to stop, and they need to stay in power permanently. Thousands of years of history taught them how to avoid the fall of their empire so this time they’ve thrown everything they can at gaining ultimate power and keeping it ultimately.

    Total control over every aspect of our lives is the only way they can stay in power, and as you surely understand, that is the goal of the technocracy. They are using technology in 2022 that would have prevented the collapse of older empires had the Romans or the British or the Ottomans or the Mongols wielded it.

    They already know what we’re going to do to fight and they’ve gamed out a hundred contingencies for every possible action we’re taking. We only “won” anything because it suited them to give us a concession. There is no escape from this, and no easy way to stop it.

    The only way this will end is if an external force does it for us. Thus, being told since I was a kid that the pole shift, heralding the Age of Aquarius, will be what cleanses the earth of evil, and that only the chosen, pure-hearted souls will survive. Thus bringing in a new age of peace, enlightenment, and prosperity.

    First, though, it’s gonna hurt. Bad. You and I may not be chosen. Accept that some must die so others may live, and that we may be the ones who must die.

    I accept and embrace my tragic mediocrity and have no issues with being “nothing.” I just want to know the truth, regardless how soul-crushing or disapointing it may be.

    Good luck to you all.

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    • You need to ditch the conspiracy theorist label as that is for those who believe the CIA propaganda media or government.

      Anyone who dares call me a conspiracy theorist gets a quick response of NO, it is you who is an ignorant retard!

      It is all so tiresome!

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      • It is tiresome, but it’s the way of the world. They’ve purposely ruined and skewed the meanings of words precisely to keep everyone arguing.

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      • I put that epithet in quotes for this very reason. The CIA invented the term for the very reason it’s used– to discredit those speaking the truth. I try to remember to qualify “pandemic” or Covid “case” the same way. As my comment did not have you in mind, I certainly was not directing it at you or anyone; rather using it in quotes so the general reader would understand what I was alluding to. It was shorthand for the paragraph-long list of such subjects. I try to remind people to not use it in any way other than to call it out as a contrived epithet.

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    • There are no video transcripts that I’m aware of. It would be nice if there were. We’ll have to see where it all goes; a flipping of the poles could be an accurate metaphor. I’ve heard about that quite a bit.


      • I cannot say I 100% believe in such “earth resets” happening by design but that’s what I was taught by one of my parents growing up. I also was taught that I can astral project, and that reincarnation is real and UFOs are everywhere. If you’ve watched Ancient Aliens, you’ll hear exactly everything I was raised with. At the same time I had Catholic and Christian influences pulling me the oppposite way and atheists telling me everything I was taught about anything spiritual is a total lie. So is a pole shift imminent or possible? Science says no. Some sites say one is underway right now. I’m no soothsayer or prophet, so as you say, we’ll have to see.

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      • The bible talks about the poles shifts, i.e. good into bad, bad into good, sweet into bitter and bitter into sweet.

        Orwell’s 1984 whole premise was how the world would be inverted mirroring the bible.

        Since it is I who am actually the open minded liberal who cares about women and children, and comatose lefties are the anti-thesis of a liberal, as they are brainwashed closed minded BIGOTS yet believe they are liberals, it shows this inversion which applies to everything in our beast upside down world.

        Just invert everything the propaganda media or government says for the truth.

        The government will call a truth teller a conspiracy theorist every single time!

        “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Orwell

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  4. How does it make any sense to have every pilot, health care worker, cop, doctor, and soldier vaccinated with an experimental drug? Bad stuff is going to happen, and they will chalk it up to a human error.

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    • Exactly. It only makes sense if the agenda is to collapse everything, which is why I’ve been so against all the mandates, i.e. jabs, masks, etc. No good will come from all of it.

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