Unstoppable Collapse

The following video is incredible. She explains the whole upcoming economic collapse scenario far better than I could.

Please watch.


Link to video on Bitchute.

The only thing not covered is the genocidal aspect of the jabs.

Perhaps most people will actually survive being bagged and tagged. Only time will tell. Keep in mind, the jabs have only been around for less than a year now.

The financial collapse will happen. In reality, it’s already happened, they’re just building up a cover story while setting up the next dystopian system for us. We can’t let this happen.

There’s a war going on and people better start taking it more seriously. Here’s someone brave enough to offer up a solution, please listen to him!

“Arrest all of those involved in this criminal conspiracy. Start at the local level…”

If we continue to do nothing, we’ll end up as lambs to the slaughter with our children either dead or enslaved. That’s just a fact. That’s our reality.

Let me know what you think about all this in the comments below.

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Have a great day, do with it what you will!

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You are the carbon they want to reduce.



  1. It is exactly the same scenario where the ashkeNAZI bolsheviks in Russia did where they brutally murdered 66 million white Russians, mainly Christians.

    The pharisee money changers are using the same game plan with their current genocide.

    They use the pride of the gullible morons so they willingly have taken the Rockefeller death shot. Part of their genocidal process is that people must give their consent to be euthanized. And the zombies have.

    We need to go back to our agrarian roots and simplify things as I am looking forward to this whole dystopian nightmare collapsing.

    The conspiracy theorists who believe the media or government will be gone soon.

    Pride goes before destruction!!

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