Those Fortunate Few

No matter what the cost, I’d prefer to be awake rather than sound asleep when it all comes crashing down.

I want to see what’s coming at me and as scary as things might actually become, I know in my heart that I can never look away.

It’s just not in my nature to deny that which presents itself so fully. We’re watching a massive human cull, one that’s pealing itself back like an onion… right before our very eyes

…and nobody seems to care.

Please watch the following video. It’s just an old man talking about the world and sharing pertinent information. This is how we learn things, by listening to old men. Stay vigilant, stay informed and above all else… pay attention!

Link to video on Bitchute

That’s all for now.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, do the best you can with what you have!

-I am Crandew




Note: These are very confusing times, friend. So, if you’re new to my blog, start here for a background on the topics I mostly cover.


You are the carbon they want to reduce.


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