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What’s your biggest concern? Throughout this plandemic, I’ve been focused on the future a lot. Probably much more than I should have been since I know I’ll be able to deal with whatever they decide to throw at us next. That’s just how it is.

I’ve been hyper-focused on the death jabs and the ever-mounting tyranny, as it swept across the world, but I’m realizing now that I need to change that focus. It’s still going on and things will undoubtedly get much worse, but there’s no stopping what’s coming.

At this point, the demons must assume that they’ve already won and are now setting up the new world to fit their liking. We might want to start considering what kind of hell that’ll be like.

The days are growing shorter by the minute.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

The best we can do is to try to recognize the lies, threats and manipulations as they happen, then act accordingly.

Keeping track of what’s actually happening right now is important, but perhaps it’s also time to start thinking in broader strokes.

Oh look, a video.


I can’t repeat myself enough… this was never about our health. It’s a genocide, the likes of which we’ve never even dreamed of before.

I question just who will survive the coming days. Having researched the jabs (to death), I’m reasonably sure there won’t be very many. The demon goal is just 500 million. That’s all they want by 2025 or 2030.

If you accept that there’s currently over 7 billion people alive today (which I don’t by the way), that would mean that 6.5 billion people need to go.

Can you even imagine that? I can’t. It’s too big a number.

My point is that, while the above video is spot on as always, it may also be a moot point. The Metaverse may be for the children who grow up after the holocaust, not intended for us at all. Just an idle thought. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Is all this just preparation for those who come after us?

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, stay as far away from FB and the Metaverse as you can!

-I am Crandew




Note: These are very confusing times, friend. So, if you’re new to my blog, start here for a background on the topics I mostly cover.


You are the carbon they want to reduce.


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7 Responses to Those Who Follow

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  2. hcmorris77 says:

    I’ve been preparing for what’s to come for a while now…or at least trying to.
    I don’t think it will come to “The New World Order”, not the one they’re trying to establish, but there will be a new world eventually. With all the corruption at so many levels, something HAS to happen. I believe it will, just what do we have to go through to get there? The evil is being exposed and they’re fighting like the dickens to save their butts, and I believe there’s more of us out there than we think.
    If you’re religious at all, you know that God wins in the end, we might just have to “go through hell” to get there.

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  3. Hey Crandew.. I totally agree with what you said here :
    “I’ve been hyper-focused on the death jabs and the ever-mounting tyranny, as it swept across the world, but I’m realizing now that I need to change that focus. It’s still going on and things will undoubtedly get much worse,”

    I think that’s the most positive thing we can do. I know it’s hard with your mom and I haven’t had to deal with that but I do think she would want you happy no matter what! 💖

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    • Crandew says:

      Thanks Cindy! I think we probably agree on a lot of things, just differ on a few major ones. I appreciate your concern but I’m good and even though my views are unchanged, my focus is shifting. Thanks! 😃


  4. socrates1234 says:

    The wheat is being sorted from the chaff. Just was at the deli to get breakfast talking with a couple fellow customers about the death jab and laughing about all the upcoming dead people and Fauci’s LIES.

    Unfortunately the girls who work the deli I am pretty sure all got the death jab. I thought if I spoke about these things in front of them they would get upset, but I realized many moons ago that I can say anything to the zombies because they cannot actually hear what you say.

    I have a T-Shirt that has a picture of Rockefeller Bill Gates that says Guns don’t kill people, poison vaccines kill people. Only a few people notice.

    If you see someone with a slave mask on you know they have gotten the Rockefeller death jab, and you can actually say right to their face everyone who got the jab will die. I assure you the zombies will have no reaction whatsoever because their minds simply do not function, as their conscious mind does not work. There truly is nobody home and it is humurous to hear them repeat that Trump is stupid, when you know it is only what they are told to repeat from last nights news.

    “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They will only be able to parrot the information they have been given on the previous nights news.” Zbigniew Brzezinski

    This was written in the 80’s as he has obviously been dead for a few years.Has this not come true? Are these people really alive if they cannot think?

    The truth is obviously offensive, but only if it triggers some of their programming. If the words are not mind control trigger words nothing will happen.

    You will not wake these people up!!

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