Sugar Shack

I don’t usually self-promote on this blog, but I thought I’d change things up a bit for the moment. It is a Thursday, after all. Why not go crazy?

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

The following song, Sugar Shack, is one my favorites, mostly because my daughter helped me out with the vocals. I’m biased, of course, but I think her voice is amazing.

Also, It’s the only real duet I’ve ever recorded and it was no easy feat getting her into the studio, but I think it was worth it! Here, judge for yourself.

Sugar Shack

Shameless Plug

Also, if you want to hear more Blabpipe, you can find the albums online everywhere, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, etc. More info here

That’s it for now, folks.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, enjoy what you can while you still can!

-I am Crandew



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