It’s now the first day of the second part of the last year. I’m assuming the sun will still rise, the heat will still claw its way into the apartment and that an afternoon storm will once again catch me unaware, as it so often does, hard at work in the Batcave, fighting monsters.

The back door is wide open to let in as much cool night air as possible before the day breaks and I can hear birds chirping through the screen door. Life continues on its steady trek as it always has, locked deep within a submerged snow globe, adrift somewhere underwater.

There are lessons to be found and stories to be told, but that will all have to wait for better times. Once fires in all the buildings have finally been put out, we’ll go about the business of cleaning up the rubble then rebuilding.

But I get ahead of myself, for the collapse hasn’t even occurred. No sense in crying over spilt milk that hasn’t even fallen off the table yet. Madcap.

The cycle of life will continue as it always has with hope, strength and the promises of a better future standing firmly on the burnt grounds of the past.

I listen to the buzzing, chirping and small city early morning noises as the day slowly rubs the sleep from its eyes and I think about better times.


‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’


Buddy is a groundhog that lives under the shed in my backyard. He’s a fat little thing with a slow demeanor, sluggish mannerisms and a wizened little face. I’ve grown more and more attached to our one-sided conversations as the years flow by. He’s one of my best friends.

On hot summer days, I can usually catch him roaming around in the back yard, always searching for some leafy clover to munch on. That’s his thing. He’s the most selective about his damn clover.

I keep a wary eye on him from the loft as he carefully picks through the tall grass and tangled weeds, seeking out the clovers, one by one. Buddy has a gentle yet determined way about him as he goes about his task. Only the finest greenery will do.

I’ve often wondered what having a fine taste in things would be like. Too bad my fat little friend can’t talk. I trust he would explain it to me as best he could, given the disparities between humans and groundhogs.

The world as we once knew it is now long gone, but my good friend Buddy remains. I just saw him out there, in the yard, on an early morning trollop through the grass. Anytime is a good time to munch on clover.

He gives me hope for the future.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, mind you the wind and the rain and the future!

-I am Crandew




You are the carbon they want to reduce.



  1. I was sitting here enjoying my morning conversation with my mother. As she talked I glanced out the window. One of the kittens was barreling up the steps so fast it ran fully into the water dish. That stopped it quickly. It was left standing shaking its feet like what the heck just happened. Poor mom was almost undone at my laughing, I’m guessing I missed something very somber she was telling me. Some times, we just need those moments that distract us.

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