The Lost Art of Conversation

I’m old enough to remember a time when people actually discussed things like matters of life, acts of governments, sports or even weather predictions without ending in arguments or violence.

Name-calling seems to be quite rampant throughout the social media world, a common event now, our new normal. I hear it’s already been added as an Olympic event. Go figure.

Civil conversation amongst consenting adults? No way.

It seems as though those days might be long gone, just like everything else. Pity. I’m from the south, so I’m naturally inclined to stand around all day long shooting the breeze. It’s been bred into me. The gift of the gab.

Something I sorely miss, actually.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Alas, I have my various theories on why everyone’s always so divided now on things like mask wearing, end of the world scenarios and basic divisiveness but I’m much more interested in your opinions.

Am I off base on all this? Is it just me? Do people even have opinions anymore? Light conversations about the weather or deep discussions on life… are they ever coming back? I’d love it if they did.

Does anyone else miss those small pleasantries, those how do you do moments that now seem like such distant memories?

If you’re so inclined, leave me a few thoughts. I welcome any and all discussions. Also, if you happen to disagree with some of my views, all the better.

Conversation used to be an art form. It really did, bub.

‘Crandew’s Clickable Pic -get transported to some far-off, wonderful place.’

Have a great day, get outside and enjoy the roses!

-I am Crandew





What exactly is the jab for? It doesn’t stop you from getting or transmitting. It serves no purpose other than to ease symptoms on an individual level. Why does everyone need to get it?

Why are all the people who don’t adhere to all the rules healthier than those who have followed them? It’s true, just look it up. I’m one of them. Never been sick, never will get sick.

If this was a real pandemic, where are all the bodies? The streets should be filled with them, but that’s never been the case. There were far less deaths last year than in 2019.

Again, go look it up for yourself!


Note: Their plans are so overt at this stage that if people don’t see it, it’s because they’re choosing not to. So many of our countrymen would rather knowingly accept a comfortable lie than face an uncomfortable truth. I try to always think the best of humanity, but the willful ignorance that I see around me makes it difficult at times.


You are the carbon they want to reduce.



  1. I think that you are not alone. Maybe it is a southern thing, maybe that is why it is not fully dead though quite ill and maybe in need of Hospice. Still, it brings an understanding of why when one does run across another who still enjoys the art of conversation, that conversation can run extremely long, neither wanting to end it as not knowing when the chance may come again.

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      • My son- the same one who lectures me on not talking with people- has at times interrupted me and told me I had to let the other person leave or we had to leave or which ever. He did however later on tell me he was proud of me for talking with people. Since its usually only the ones I know that I spend that amount of time with.

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  2. Indeed Crandew, those moments of conversation by “chance” throughout the day are special. I miss smiling and smiling back, heads seem to be down in cyber world or numbed and elusive.

    I miss the times when we could have a discussion and thank eachother for our views rather than rip eachother’s eyes out…

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      • Cyber space technocratic communist totalitarian “wet dream” and split off communities that are not part of the new world.. Any thoughts?

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      • I pretty much agree with what you just said. My focus has mostly been on the ‘process’ up to now, but since I’ll be off the grid after the collapse happens, I’m trying to visualize what life in the dark ages will be like. Technology usually is lost with each reset, so the cyberworld they’re trying to get to will probably fail again. World pop is supposed to drop to around 500 million from 8 billion. Insane.

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      • Insane indeed. They want to get rid of written books and tribes that pass down oral teachings because if everything is on cyberspace it can be reset and deleted…

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      • Agreed. I do think they’re going to fail though. Books will survive and people will continue, eventually rebuild. I think this has all played out before, numerous times.

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      • I believe so too.. cycles, as the Mayans and many ancient cultures have shared through what was left behind of them. Truth prevails, if it takes a hundred years, all will be exposed I believe and start again possibly..

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