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Memorial Day – 2021

My dad served in the military, as well as many other members of my family and several close friends. Most of us know at least someone who has served. We use the term serve because the idea has always been … Continue reading

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Old Man On A Park Bench

The old man kept a lone vigil from his favorite spot. He was mired in various, emotional scenes that constantly played out from what was, while deeply submerged in what might have been. If only things had played out just … Continue reading

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It’s sad to watch the republic fall, in part because I think most people are unaware that’s what’s happening. Smoke, mirrors and bam! One republic, gone. What’s with the smoke and mirrors thing? Well bud, let’s start that conversation this … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Grow Victory Gardens Yet?

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” ~ Henry Kissinger I’ve always wondered why most people aren’t more self-sufficient. My dad had a small garden in the backyard when I was younger and to … Continue reading

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Friday Videos – 5/28/21

“Farmers in the US are being offered 1.5 times the value of their crops to destroy them. If they don’t destroy their crops, they won’t be allowed to subsidize them for next year.” “What does this mean? They’re trying to … Continue reading

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Reaching Way Back – Chong

The cover picture is of my first album to make it into the stores (the old, brick and mortar kind your grandpappy used to shop at). Then, I decided to go on a search, see what’s still hanging on. Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Else Remember MySpace?

It’s been a long, long time, but now it’s gone, gone, gone… the space is gone. Oh, I know they brought it back for a while but it was never the same. Once you rinse your hair, it takes some … Continue reading

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Pond Jumper

Hope everyone’s having a great afternoon. Not exactly sure if we’re experiencing spring, early summer or later winter. The dial seems to be all over the place lately. Imagine that. Either way, the weather is pretty nice at the moment … Continue reading

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Apples to Apples

These days are like chocolate. Appealing at first, mouth-watering and covered in sweetness. Take a bite, savor the moment. What happens next is of no concern because it’s all about that tiny slice of ecstasy. It’s only later, sometimes much … Continue reading

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A Rush and a Push

None of us have ever seen anything remotely like this in our lifetime. This constant, unending propaganda push is maddening. It crawls out from the basement, paints itself in pretty patterns on the wall and dances cartwheels across the living … Continue reading

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