Sunny Day Walk

Funny how everything seems so much brighter in the sunshine.

The trees are already filled with chirpy little birds and the deep blue skies have returned from their wintery hiding places. Also, with the weather getting nicer, I can put daily walks after work back on my roster.

Hot dog! Sign me up.

It’s was a long, cold winter but there’s no good reason to dwell on the past; at least that part of the past. The changing of the seasons is a good thing.

Time to make the best of what still remains, eh bub?

You betcha.

Looks like Spring has finally sprung.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

-I am Crandew




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Observations and situations, a blog with a unique take on life and how we all choose to live it. Get ready to see the world in a whole new way!
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4 Responses to Sunny Day Walk

  1. Seoul Sister says:

    I love Spring too, the air, the tulips and daffodils, the tiny birds soaring, our world is still so sweet.

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  2. Spring, a symbol of new hope for the soul.

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