My fingers are sore from writing the same damn thing each day.

Also, my back is a little achy from sitting in this worn-out, old chair all the time and my apartment desperately needs a spring cleaning, like the pope needs religion.

Hmm, perhaps I misspoke just a bit on that last one.

I’m way too exhausted to care at the moment, but I’ll tell you what, cheese fries. Now listen up. Rewrites are mostly scheduled for Thursdays; so just you stop back by then and we’ll have it all freshened up real nice like for you.

Does that sound about right?


I wonder if Clint ever had to deal with these kind of problems?

Guess not.

I’ll tell you what, we sure could use that fancy shooting and clever trap avoidance intuition from good, old Mr. Eastwood right about now. Again, something from the past that was more solid, more rugged than anything we have now.

I’d reckon John Wayne (the Duke) could also turn this whole debacle around in no time flat, and with just one right hook. Bam! A solid punch in the nose and the crooks would all start running. I have no doubt.

In fact, I’d love to see those shyster politicians and fake public officials try to stop even just a few of those guys. That would be something, indeed.

John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and James Stewart. Those are just a few names that come to mind. Alpha males, able to throw punches and keep the monsters at bay when needed.

Sheesh mister, I’d pay good money for that. No lie. Never happen though, unfortunately, because those cats are now long gone.

Not all of them expired, mind you, just too old or worn out (like my chair) to stand up to the bad guys, put a stop to all this nonsense once and for all.

Too bad, really. It’s just a darn shame.

I miss the old ways; the much, much better ways.

Heck, I even miss the old-style movies if we’re being honest. Then again, when are we ever really being honest about anything anymore?

No matter what is rolling around in that head of yours, if you think today is better than yesterday… sorry mister, you’re what the doctors call ‘crazy’.

Yesteryears and all the movies they once contained, were better times by a long shot, but now they’re so far away. Just like our freedom, our liberty.

Distant memories. I think that after I get off from work today, I might just take a short walk off a long pier.

Wait, did I just misspeak again?


I’ll be back.

-I am Crandew




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Observations and situations, a blog with a unique take on life and how we all choose to live it. Get ready to see the world in a whole new way!
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6 Responses to Duke

  1. Seoul Sister says:

    Great post as usual, the nostalgia of the past is very strong for me too. Everything seemed so much more solid, strong, real back then, not all the plastic literally and figuratively that exists in it’s place. The Good guys always stopped the Bad guys, and there was a clear difference between them; not the glamorized, partly evil “anti-hero”, when they made the villains the heroes it flipped the world around. Vampires used to be pure evil not angelic and sexy. The Duke and Clint Eastwood would both be cancelled today for toxic masculinity. Radicalism never works, it always back fires.

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