The dawn approaches, and with it one more chance.

As such, I mostly feel like a phantom on some strange mission; a wisp of smoke trying to get from one side of the room to the other.

A spoon, absentmindedly struck on one side by a rather plump man’s elbow, already flung wildly off the table. There’s that one split second, just before it strikes the floor with a loud clank, that’s pretty much where I find myself.

Mayhaps, I’m being too vague. I sometimes get lost within the swirling mists, a wordsmith’s kryptonite. Let me try again.

We’re well within the endgame.

We’re down a rook and several pawns and it’s looking pretty grim. The Republic, for what it’s worth, is now long gone.

We killed it, Jim.

In a lot of ways, this was inevitable.

It’s a natural outcome. The end result of taking one’s eye off the ball. In this case, everyone took their collective eyes off the ball… so now, there is no ball.

What amazes me is how fast it was destroyed, and with such a small effort from the demons. Oh, right. I just said demons, didn’t I? Well, that’s how I’ve come to think of them, our leaders. Our rulers, our terrible overseers. Demons all.

Also, why aren’t there more bloggers blogging their little hearts out about this?

I know I’m not the only one who sees what an obvious fraud this has all been, and where it’s going to lead us. Soon, the factcheckers will arrive upon white ponies, with their soy lattes and pink blouses untucked on one side, and my voice will be gone.

Again, it’s the most inevitable.

The silence that follows will be forgotten quickly, but for the briefest of moments, it will be quite deafening.

Of that, I can assure you.

Have a great day, raise your voice.

-I am Crandew




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15 Responses to Adieu

  1. Seoul Sister says:

    I never believed in demons before but the politicians truly are demonic. Do they even have souls? because they seem to have no conscience!

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  2. DiosRaw says:

    Great post. Why aren’t there more bloggers talking about it? Probably because they are either uninformed, scared, scared of the reaction they will get.. I agree with you, why aren’t there more?

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  3. There are more voices, and I feel more joining day by day. So many, with so much information that my empathic heart can only bear to listen to limited amounts. It cries out- woe to you who do not hear. Woe, to those who do not understand, who refuse to gird loins and pick up their sword to battle the evil that is here. Woe to all who will be lost to the darkness. Hear their cries of agony and despair that will come. Hear the pleading of those who did not listen, who refused to believe or who believed in the wrong, following the darkness.
    Cry out, warrior, shout to the heavens, stand on the mountain top with the steel of your blade glistening in the waning sunlight. Call to you, those who will hear. Call to you your army, for they are awakening. Their voices once a whisper, hidden and covered in the void, now strengthen. Call them to join you and prepare to stand against the dark.

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