Bloggers Coffee Shop

Quite possible one of the weirdest acts in the world, that of blogging.

To take so many random thoughts, pictures and emotions, then drip them soundly in ink and finally splash everything you’ve had pent up inside out into the world at large, into the public realm.

What a rush. What gall, and dare I say, just a tad bit audacious. What an incredibly brave thing to do.

Hats off to you, fellow wordsmiths, all my brothers and sisters.

Together, we’re all taking part in the biggest marketing dream ever.

All of our combined talents, our hopes coupled with some of our deepest fears; all of it thrown out there, free for the taking, and for the exploiting.

Because at the end of the day, this becomes nothing more than a senseless battle over eyes on screen. Yet we continue to steady our nerves as we march once again, fearlessly moving ever forward into the unknown.

But perhaps it’s more than just a mere numbering game, a simplistic counting of mundane ‘likes’ and views. After all, the coin has two sides and the sword always cuts both ways.

I liken it to a coffee shop for the soul.

A place where we can all jump randomly from table to table, sampling what we want and passing on those things too foreign for us. It’s our own right to choose which table to visit, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A bloggers coffee shop, a free exchange of ideas, hopes and dreams. Pretty darn cool, if you ask me. A bloggers coffee shop, indeed.

Battle tested, yet somehow still frosty.

To think, how awesome is it that most of us do this every single day, and without an end in sight? There must be a giant bag of gold at the end of the rainbow, to push and pull so many souls.

What could possibly drive everyone on so ruthlessly?

For me, it’s a quest for knowledge coupled with an urge to express myself, as I have no doubt the same is true for so many others.

In no small way, I am trying to learn new skills while developing better methods for writing though continual practice.

Only time will tell, I suppose.

The day breaks abruptly, but I don’t. At least not yet, fair ones.

There remains the quest and fulfillment, that overwhelming urging on of things. The day does beckon, and I must soon answer its call.

Whatever drives you on, do so with my blessings.

My hope is that my brothers and sisters in print, my strange yet wonderful gaggle of want-to-be writers, my recognized bloggers-they will somehow fulfill their own, unique dreams someday.

And with that, someday soon.

I’ll be sure to visit a few tables on my way out, mayhaps sitting a spell, just long enough to exchange a few pleasantries before jetting on my way.

Live long, and prosper.

-I am Crandew


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9 Responses to Bloggers Coffee Shop

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  2. Msdedeng says:

    Haha, what a fun way to write about coffee, eh!

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  3. I’m trying to imagine Clint Eastwood speaking the words “live long and prosper” instead I hear Sheldon. Even though all I’ve ever seen of that program are video clips on youtube. For me, there is an inner driving force to write which leads to reading and research to better write and hopefully write somewhat intelligently. I know, that I would write and put the words out there, even should no one bother to read.

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