Keeper of Things

I’m sure to anger almost everyone this time.

One voice assuredly says, “go for it, dawg” whilst the other virtually cries out in desperation, “no way, man… don’t do it!”

But you see, it was never really up to me in the first place.

It’s not like I have a choice in these matters. Keepers do what they do. Consequences will break where they break.

So, go ahead and check your coats at the door. I’d imagine there’s still plenty of unused pegs open. This time of year, a day’s ration could make even the strongest man drop to his knees, and no one wants that.

I assure you.

What’s needed, after having been sorely missed by all accounts for so long, is the when and the how of it all. I can’t speak to the former, but for the latter, I have a little something something for you.

So, relax, bro.

Great things often take just a little bit of time. You can’t simply run it through a warm room. Sometimes you have to leave it in the oven long enough to cook.

Give me a moment to catch my breath, then I’ll explain.



Nothing is what it seems.

Surprise, surprise. I’ve found that the more I dig, the more things become unstable. The deeper I go, the more those lifelong truths just seem to fade away.

All those wonderfully stable truths we were taught as children are turning out to be nothing more than a big sack of lies. Complete fabrications.

Feel pretty confident about the shape of the ground you’re standing on? Well, friend, you might want to sit down. It’s not what you think.

And how about that glorious moon landing? You know, the one that happened over fifty years ago? It would be unheard of to even suggest it never happened, right? Cod swallow.

Oh, how the list goes on and on; these are just the first few that sprang to mind.


Well, how about the fall of the Twin Towers in NY on September 11, 2001? I’ve uncovered a lot of so-called conspiracy theories over this one, but the following is absolutely stunning.

Watch the actual footage of the buildings coming down.

Link: IRREFUTABLE Classified Free Energy Technology Revealed to the World

It’s nothing like what everyone says, right? Actual footage of the buildings coming down really does seem to show them completely dissolving as they fall.

How in the blue hades do you explain that?


-I am Crandew



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