Toy Room

Before you can understand where I’m going to take you, you must first wrap your mind around where you’ve been. To help with this, I’ve prepared a room.

I call it the toy room.

Toy Room Prep

It’s not a very large space, just big enough. It doesn’t contain all the wonders of the world, but there are still a few gems left to be found, here and there. It wasn’t built yesterday, my friend, so please try to show it some respect.

The toy room has only one door, and no windows. Once you enter, you stay put. To date, very few have ever been allowed to exit and while I realize this might sound a bit scary to some, it’s simply the way of things.

You have now been prepped, time for the oven.

Toy Allocation

Upon entrance, a provisional string and button while be provided. Many hours of entertainment can be wrought from the simplest of things, so enjoy.

Also, you might initially become somewhat disoriented. While this can be a tad disconcerting, I assure you it is quite normal. We have an overwhelming abundance of toys, and in wide assortments.

Toys of all manner will be scattered across the room, from head to tail feathers, so you will be able to find almost anything your heart desires. Determining a specific toy location will not be a problem, just ask one of our friendly clerks.

A word of caution, for your own safety, all areas in the toy room are sectioned off and you are advised to stay well within the roped off areas at all times. Our friendly clerks are stationed throughout at regular intervals, should you be in need of assistance.

For your own personal safety and comfort, of course.

Toy Privilege

Social crediting status, along with current vax records, is mandatory upon entrance. This will be the deciding factor for exactly which toys will be made available to you.

Please be advised that these are hard, etched in stone, rules that cannot be changed. You come into this world, not too differently, from how you come into the toy store; your privilege begins at birth.

The type of toy and number of toys allowed, as well as the open or closed off areas within the toy room, have all been pre-determined and will not be altered.

For your own personal safety and comfort, of course.

Penalty Box

Uncomfortable as it may be, at times, there are those who might disagree with the well-established rules already in place in the toy room. Disturbances may occur.

Do not be alarmed.

Malcontents will be swiftly dealt with, and removed as promptly as possible.

In the event of such occurrences, be advised that anyone caught in the aiding and abetting of such misanthropes will also be dealt with in the same, quick, harsh manner.

Follow the rules, and all is well.

Have a great day, for your own personal safety and comfort, of course!

-I am Crandew




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Observations and situations, a blog with a unique take on life and how we all choose to live it. Get ready to see the world in a whole new way!
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  1. DiosRaw says:


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  2. Through fear, through restrictions, through control of essential items, they gain-we lose. Fear not, stand up, stand strong, regain power from those who seek control and dominance over the many who once fully awakened are the greater power.

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