Rise and shine, for most assuredly, it’s the start of another glorious week!

No, I’m not really as super pumped as that might imply.

Mondays will always be akin to a glass bowl of sour grapes, but on this morning in particular, I just wanted to inject a small drop of energy into an otherwise mundane start of yet another week.

Sort of a gentle reminder to myself that as long as I breathe in, breathe out, anything is possible. Also, sometimes, you just need to throw a few sprinkles into the air to see what comes of it.

This tiny room where I spend most of my days, my Batcave, has hardwood floors and three large windows. I chose this room as my sanctum for this very reason.

Well, that and the fact that it’s the only room in my tiny apartment large enough to house the Bat computers.

All that being said, it also contains my books.

Ah, my books you say?

Glad you asked. What marvelous creatures they are.

They’re scattered about, all over the place.

I find they tend to give off a very specific kind of heat, all on their own, which is helpful in these cold times.

Each tome contains within it a very special kind of magic.

I love books.

Have a great day, and a great start to your week!

-I am Crandew




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10 Responses to Sanctum

  1. Seoul Sister says:

    Books do contain a kind of magic, being able to communicate silently through time and space is pretty amazing. 💖

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  2. Love your post and top of the morning or evening to you now.. cute and uplifting post.

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  3. Reading your “I love books” my mind immediately went to the moment that Belle from Beauty and the Beast saw his library. I too love books and can only imagine the state of euphoria being in the presence of that much knowledge would bring.

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  4. DiosRaw says:

    Knowledge is power, books are friends and that’s wonderful. 😉🙏🌹

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