Society Hates You

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you try to do, the world we live in now seriously hates your guts.

Everything is stacked against you; it’s been structured that way on purpose. You can’t truly believe that your puny existence has any bearing on anything, at all, do you?

What incredible nerve.

How dare you try to live your own life as you see fit.

The collective worldview no longer recognizes your personal point of view. Fact checkers have determined your individuality to be: Mostly False.

Volition is so twentieth century thinking, bro.

We’re all doing fine and drinking our wine here in the present, the now, the 21st century. So, you had best just get with the program, bub. And get with it fast.

Society hates you, and I do too.

So what?

You’re not even a real thing; you’re just a worldview.

Do you think, even for a second, that I care about what you think, Mr. Worldview? I’ll give you a clue; this time, free of charge. I don’t.

I couldn’t care less.

You’re imaginary and faulty, and living in some weird kind of fairy realm. Nothing of what you demand will you get from me. I’ll have none of it, wretch.

Fact check this (grabs privates).

You’ll never be able to persuade or manipulate me into doing what you want. I refuse to be your whipping board, your slave.

You lost your edge the moment I decided to not play your silly game.

You’ll never be my master.

-I am Crandew




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Observations and situations, a blog with a unique take on life and how we all choose to live it. Get ready to see the world in a whole new way!
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7 Responses to Society Hates You

  1. DiosRaw says:


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  2. Roadtirement says:

    “Every gun makes its own tune” Blondie in The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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  3. Should the next question be, ‘Do you feel lucky, punk?’

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    • Crandew says:

      Right? Whenever I want to feel tough, I think of Clint.

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      • Many years ago I went into an ABC store to get a bottle of run or something to make a homemade remedy help my husband with a bad cold. The guy at the register looked at me for a moment -this was before checking id was mandatory across the board. I smiled and said “Go ahead, make my day.” He was disgusted because we were the same age and I , according to him, looked nowhere close to that old.

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      • Crandew says:

        That’s awesome.


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