Clown World

Who doesn’t think that we’re not all living in a clown world right now?

Honest question, not meant to be just a weird observation. In my opinion, the world I once knew as a child has ceased to exist. Not even the picked-over bones remain intact.

I’m talking about the world I grew up in, not my unique family situation.

A world where things were actually better for most people, where a kid could dream of one day becoming an astronaut or perhaps a doctor. A world where that could actually happen.

That fairy tale world existed once. I know because I was there and grew up in those times. That was then, a golden time I suppose. We’ve been led into much harsher, darker times. Now it doesn’t exist, at least not here in the USA and from what I’ve seen online, it has pretty much evaporated everywhere else too.

What we are left with is a strange land where everyone plays a part in a non-stop puppet show. This is not a good thing, nor is it a healthy thing. It’s a distraction from reality, a way to take the focus off the bad guys.

You know, the ones who use smoke and mirrors to confuse us while our cities burn to the ground and our lives become enslaved?

I could cite actual examples, but what’s the point. You already know what I’m talking about, don’t you? You must be able to see that at least something is fundamentally wrong.

Lies so thick, you could cut them with a ..

A big question remains, what are we going to do about all this, if anything?

I don’t have an answer right now. The problems are too widespread, too complicated. Most people I see are clouded by doubts, haunted by insecurities, and led by the nose by the media, unable to lift a finger against this tyranny.

I do know that our jailers need to be overthrown, but I doubt that will ever happen.

There also needs to be a push back against the virus insanity, but not enough people see what’s happening clearly enough. The media definitely needs to be shut down, those in it locked up.. but again, will that ever happen?

All I know is this: my country has been shattered, slapped off the kitchen table and is now lying in broken pieces on the floor. It’s like this all over the world right now.

But there’s always a new tomorrow (just a day away I’m told), so stay strong folks.

This clown world waits for no one.

-I am Crandew






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