Changing Perceptions

It would be cool if Ayn Rand was still around.

I can’t even imagine how she would have sized up all the craziness from this year, let alone the last few years.

I’m also really curious if she would have gone along with all the draconian rules we’ve been subjected to or if she would have fought back against them.

We’ll never know, but I’m thinking she would have fought back.

She was always a fighter, that’s for sure.

Most people tend to blindly obey whatever they’re told, but there are still a few individuals out there.

A few, but not many.

I think that this might be how nations fall, completely mired in confusion and shackled by crazy directives.

I keep asking myself, what’s next on this roller-coaster ride of a year? Seems like it’s been one thing after another for a long, long time now.

What is coming next?

Controlled chaos?

I’m pretty sure that’s on the agenda. More lock-downs and more weird reactions/solutions to problems that probably aren’t even there.

I think I’m going to go live with the cave people now.


Peace and love people, peace and love..

-I am Crandew



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