If you’re having trouble standing, lean on me.

All things in life must surely begin before finding absolution. Footfalls are taken, each of them slowly and within baby strides. You just have to take that first step.

If it means relying on those around you for a while, so be it. We often forget the words that echo from the books we’ve read. Don’t. These can be the crutches used while learning to walk again.

Courage is the ability to do what you need to do even when those around you are screaming at you to do the opposite.

Courage means having the strength to just say ‘no’ when they come at you with a barrage of cryptic bromides.

Push aside your troubles of the day. Catch your breath, then remember.. relax comes before resolve.

I’ve been keeping a weathered eye on this world of ours, intensively.

Atrocities are rising much faster than intelligence or awareness.

This however should not lesson our resolve.

The courage to fight for what you know to be right.. for yourself, if not for anybody else, has never been more needed in our lifetime than right now.

Could it ever be more blatant, more in your face than now?

Sadly, it may already be far too late to turn back the tides but we must soldier on.

I am Crandew


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