Green Square

For no reason at all, just take a day for yourself.

Go sit idle in the park and watch the people as they footslog about. Go read a book, write a poem or just walk lazily around outside for a few hours.

Do something not connected to the internet.

This is key, because it is that constant connection that drains us.

I sometimes think that it might be the internet that feeds off of us, not the other way around.

These are important days, because it is right now that you are alive. Anything is still possible, no matter how far along you are on your path.

Remember, if you can still read this.. then you are still alive.

Happy hunting.

-I am Crandew



  1. I seriously believe in information overload, as well as the dopamine flooding we get every day from social media, so yes, doing something without the internet is something we should do once in a while. Thanks for this!

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    • No problem. Information overload is so true. I try to remind myself all the time to just step back, relax. I had to drag myself away from watching the news, and I’ve been much happier ever since.


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