Vantage Point

I view the world through the eyes of a child.

For me, this means: the guy sitting next to me is just as clueless as anyone else.

Having all been born into the same incoherent system, we pretty much all do the same things, albeit, interpreting a few rules differently.

We follow the same path as we jet through life.

Just kids, playing such silly games.

It is what it is and more to the point, ‘A’ will always be ‘A’.

You can’t unbake a cake.

Those games however, have a strange way of devouring our time. They tend to break us apart, constantly keep us distracted. It’s like giving children a few toys to play with to them keep busy on a long car ride.

We are all in the same car. It’s a noisy ride, tedious and draining, and headed towards the same graveyard.

How weird is that?

-I am Crandew



  1. Interesting observations. I am from another generation, the stories, the hope, the goal for many in my generation was that the road doesn’t have to end in a graveyard: eternal life. Some pursued it via the various organized religions which claim to have a key to it. Some via esoterica teaching from around the world. All of these paths, and I have looked into quite a few, contain elements of truth. The thing is we all have eternal life, we always have. It’s just we don’t take proper care of our “vehicle” and, even though it has self-repairing technology built into it, we abuse it, overly stress it, don’t give it enough of what it needs, and it wears out. Then we go back to where we were before we came here. Read the books “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” The story of a lengthy expedition in the late 1800’s by 11 scientists to the “Far East”, the books contain an introduction to the reality we exist within and are a part of.

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