Try to understand that you were cast into a system setup to tear down your every move.

Lights and shadows were delicately arranged by hand a long time ago. They created the perfect storm whose sole intention was designed to crush individualism at all costs, and without measure.

The coldest world imaginable.

We did not ask to be born as slaves.

If a warmth does not grow in the north and could never survive in the south, what possible choice do we have left? We exist somewhere in between, lost deep within the ether.

Voices from my brothers and sisters are faint, but I can often hear their sorrows as they weep. We are kin. We are slaves to this evil system.

Prisoners of the mind, nothing more.

All I can tell you is that if you want to be free, you have to let go of this prepackaged world view you have been spoon fed from birth.

Form your own observations.

Anything outside your scope of vision, cast away.

Rainforests shouldn’t matter, unless you happen to be living in one.

Are we really on a globe, as our masters say we are, or is this land truly flat? Doesn’t matter. It will not change anything. Your day to day life will go on either way.

To begin to form your own views, just start chipping away at the myriad of lies you’ve been cocooned in from birth.

It’s the only way.

-I am Crandew

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