Put Fear Away

Did you know that if anyone ever puts a gun to you and tells you to get into the car, you should never go along with it?

Bad things always become worse by going along with it.

Statistics have shown that by getting into the car, going along with the demands, changing locations, you put yourself in far greater danger.

Now, what do you think the masking of the world is really all about?

How could it possibly be about my safety, your safety or Grandma’s safety? There’s no science behind it. There’s no logic to it.

It’s psychological warfare, and unfortunately, for those of us who want to remain human, it’s working on the masses. It’s breaking them down, turning them into compliant little slave people.

If you want to wear a mask and do what you’re told (get into the car) then go ahead. I absolutely won’t even try to stop you.

But this herd, marching gleefully off the cliff, insanely following their authoritarian orders, blindly going where all sheep have gone before, is going to force me and other people like me over as well.

It’ll force us all into the car, and that is something I can never do.

-I am Crandew


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