Trying to fight the program never gets easier, you know?

Locating the strings that bind us, even before any attempt is made to sever them, can be a herculean event in and of itself.

The string pullers designed it that way. They’ve crafted a sticky web for us to cocoon ourselves in.

‘A puppeteer is a person who manipulates an inanimate object, called a puppet, to create the illusion that the puppet is alive. The puppet is often shaped like a human, animal, or legendary creature. The puppeteer may be visible to or hidden from the audience.’

From womb to tomb, as they say.

A country so damned divided, can only be crafted this way, made so on purpose. Half the country has gone insane, truly insane, the other half has not.

Does it even matter which side you’re on?

The string pullers, hidden deep within the shadows, must really want a civil war in America. Or mayhaps they just want us to think that’s what they want.


It’s like a snake eating it’s own tail.

Riots, political division and non-stop fear mongering from the media. Has it worked out like they wanted?

Are we divided enough on all the key issues?

Doesn’t matter.

Not really.

A spectacular event will probably start a new landslide. Any chance we ever had at getting back to the life we never knew we loved so much until it was gone will be buried.

Just another string on the pile.

Something wicked this way comes, for sure.


-I am Crandew




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