Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a mental illness.
A new wave is coming.


A fresh new set of rules regarding lock downs and other torture devices will be implemented.. and this will be the one that breaks us. When it hits, keep in mind that the plan is to never come out of it, only tighten it more each day. Turn the screw as far as it can go until the threads strip completely.


Good job.

I’ve been watching the goalposts since the beginning. At first they were so tall and proud, as solid as Sears and abundantly clear to everyone. ‘Flatten the curve.’ Remember that little gem? NPC’s chanted that mantra as though it meant something, so proud and so incredibly fierce. Guess what? Turns out there was no curve.. and the goalposts? Well my friend, those goalposts sprouted legs and began dancing.

Kevin Bacon couldn’t be more proud. No one puts goalpost in the corner.


Go back to bed sweetie. I’ll bring you in some hot soup and a biscuit. You’ll feel right as rain in the morning.. promise.

The days go by without number.


-I am Crandew

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