Goodbye Uncle

You didn’t deserve this, none of us did.

Seven months of pure insanity. Of fear and panic. A dread that has completely swept over this world like a swarm of angry mosquitoes chasing a bunny into its hole.. and we are indeed affected by it.

All of us.


Ever-day rolls by us as surely as the thunder that bare-trots across a distant hill. So loud, yet for mere moments, only to vanish so damn completely.

I just wish I could somehow slip back in time to spend a few more hours with you, just because.

It is what it is.

I get that.


Is it alright to yearn for a few things we know we can never have?


Peace brother, for now and for all time.


-I am Crandew




Milquetoast Behemoth

Whimpering is for cowards.

Wars are foot-soldiered in by wind and rain. They are callously fought with a fire that pours down from the heavens in droves.

What new day could possibly emerge? One filled with the disease of fear, feckless in manner and tone as it marches unabated across this land.

It always starts out this way, you know?


We don’t really have much time left.

Each day draws closer, leaving us more burned out than the one that came before it. A hollowing out of everything that was once wholesome.

I fear there was no disease at the onset, but there will soon be. A con mans delight. The old bait and switch. One for the ages, you know?

It’ll ride bareback on a million mosquitoes, freshly released in Florida. Just in time for a few hurricanes to spread them far and wide.


There will be a real disease soon I fear.


From ashes to crashes to carved out mustaches.

Dancing in the face of pure madness.

What fools are these?

There is nothing new about that which can only bring more subjugation.

This road that leads both to and from Rome. Walk either direction, and you will find yourself back where you started.



Are you living on a rock – or under it?



-I am Crandew



This Flat Earth

Whether we reside on a ball or a pizza is totally irrelevant.

We are told just one side of a twirling coin. The other side (the flat side) is hidden from us. It has been removed from our history books and talk of it frowned upon in daily life.

We live on a ball that’s twirling through space.

Get over it.

Trying to find out the truth, even just asking about it is like trying to peel an onion.. from the inside.


Thinking about what I was taught to believe during childhood, I was fine with it at first until I discovered all the information that had been omitted. Now, I’m totally blown away.

Why wasn’t flat earth theory ever explained to me in high school or in college?
I ask this question and I am bullied back into submission.

There are apparently questions we are not allowed to ask.


I stumbled across a flat earth video and it forever changed the way I view our world.

To be clear, it didn’t really convince me one way or another. After all, I’m a physicist so I require a ton of research before deciding which type of butter goes on my bread each morning.


It changed the way I now reflect on everything I was once taught.

This is what is important.

It blows my mind that it never occurred to me until now to throw some basic questions back at them.


Now I question everything.


-I am Crandew

Chip Chip Chip

Who would want to destroy the world?

Maybe it’s more accurate to put it like this: WHO will destroy the world. If you’re not yet aware of what’s actually going on, I get it. These are scary times. However, an alarm went off months ago and it’s now time to wake up.

Cities are burning, not just here but all around the world. Literally. False flags are being manufactured and flown everywhere, urging weak minded people onward. I have no doubt that most will think that what they are doing is right.. but apparently not.


The media continues its barrage of fear mongering. They won’t ever stop, you know? Virus, politics and racial tensions are all mere distractions, illusions to keep us looking in the wrong direction.

Also, there are all the insane new rules on how we are to live our lives (whether we agree with them or not). Forced lock-downs, mask wearing and social distancing are all being used to break us apart. Oh, that and to finish destroying the economy.

Divide and conquer always seems to work, doesn’t it?


I don’t pretend to know exactly what’s going on or what will happen tomorrow. My guess would be a mythical second wave, causing forced everything again. They’ll probably step things up with a forced vaccination this time. The selection is coming up in November, if we make it that far. Perhaps the plan is to have complete military control of the country right after?

Like I said, no one knows for sure.

That’s how things go when dealing with a blanket of lies.

We do the best we can with what we’ve been given.



Each day there will be a fresh new lie to deal with.. of that, I’m certain.



-I am Crandew


Free Now

I ran away from social media and I’ve never been happier.

It took some doing. I removed Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone months ago. Even after that, the constant urge to login from my computer was insane. I resisted, and eventually the urges went away.

I only now realize how deep the water is and just how far they were able to pull me in. While standing in it, I had no idea.


Mind control.

It’s scary how much control they have over users. Calling us all ‘users’ has to be some kind of inside joke. Guess they could have called us ‘slaves’ or ‘NPC’s’.

The same thing happened when I stopped watching main stream news.


Be well.
Be free.


-I am Crandew


Splinter’s Paradigm

Splinter was born in a cave, a long time ago.

The world back then was flat. The gods were mischievous creatures that would constantly require appeasement, and in order to fill his belly when it began grumbling, it would be up to Splinter himself to find his own food.

This was the way of things.

Life was life.


“If there is more to heaven and earth, it will have to be discovered by someone far greater than myself,” he mused.

Confident in the ground beneath his feet, the sky high above his head and the wind that pushed itself into his cave at nightfall, Splinter never questioned what his forefathers had told him.

‘A paradigm is a standard, perspective, or set of ideas.
When you change paradigms, you’re changing how you think about something.’

This was the way of things.

Life was life.


Splinter and his brothers often watched the shadows dance lightly across the cave wall.

Sometimes his younger brother would make up the most wondrous stories about them. Long adventurous tales that always took place in exotic, far away lands.

These were amusing but for Splinter they were just flights of fancy, not taken too seriously.

‘A paradigm should not only be thought of as just a particular way of looking at something, but more to the point: the framework from which we construct our world view.’ –Crandew

Things were what they were, and the furtive shadows remained just shadows. After all, they existed solely to dance away a few brief moments before sleep.

Nothing more.

Shadows were shadows.


-I am Crandew


What’s Up?

Why aren’t more people standing up or speaking out?

Is it because of fear.. or just ignorance?



The one thing you must do is have an opinion. I couldn’t care less what that might be, but it’s important that you have one.

Does that make sense?

If I removed the wall stone by stone with my hand.. what would it matter to me?


With roughly 7.5 billion people, the line going into the slaughter house is going to be monstrous.



Find your voice and speak your mind, while you still can.


-I am Crandew





It’s not weird at all to be so callus at a time like this. Hover in the silence of the moment. Aware of life, still flickering wildly as it begins to circle the drain.

I find a quiet place to sit and relax and watch, as the poison slowly works its way through what’s left of our world.


Some mushrooms are called toadstools. This nickname probably came from the fact that they looked just like a perfect spot for a toad to sit! Some people believe that the term “toadstool” means a mushroom that is poisonous. This belief may have come from the fact that many toads were considered highly poisonous.


We’re at a point in a car accident where it could have still been avoided. I doubt it will be though. Everything will most likely play out as planned, only modified slightly.

It is what it is.

A will always be A.


-I am Crandew