Cave Zombies

I question everything, and always have.


Is the Earth round or could it be flat (like they believed for thousands of years)? Are there satellites in the sky, or is that just a big fat lie too?


What about aliens or ghosts? How about the moonwalk.. did that really happen?

The list goes on and on.. but I won’t. In this world of ours, you can question whatever you feel like questioning or you can be a simple cave zombie.



-I am Crandew



It’s Always Been About Choices


“You can’t wake up someone who’s not asleep.”


It’s about choice, man. It’s always been about what you chose to do, whether you’re acting or being acted upon.

Dance lightly, and we all die.




Well, that seems a tad harsh.. but then, so does enforced lock-downs, mask donning and queer social distancing practices.

Yeah, I said queer. Gonna censor me now?

How about some good old fashioned bullying?




I can take it. After all, it was my choice of words.

No, I’m certain at this point that just like the evil seat-belt and helmet laws of the 1990’s.. we’ll never be free again. Once they get a foot through the door, they never stop.

Laugh all you want, but they’ll come for your cheesecake soon enough.


Whether it’s prudent to wear a seat-belt, or put on a helmet, if you ride motorcycles, is entirely beside the point — at least as regards laws that make the use of these things compulsory. … Yet there are no laws (as yet) requiring you to eat your broccoli — or do sit-ups every other day.


Oh.. to once again breathe the free air!

“You can’t wake up someone who’s not asleep.”

There.. I’ve decided on a mask! I’ve made my choice at last.




-I am Crandew




Are You Ready?

It’s called the great reset.. and it’s been in the works for a long, long time.


Riots, racism.. just there to distract you.

Censorship.. been in play for years.


Masks, lock-downs and social distancing are all designed to make you sick.

Cash will be gone soon (by design), leaving our overlords a clear electronic trail to follow.

Oh, and the vaccine?

Don’t worry. It’ll be mandatory and you really won’t want to know what it’s made of or why they’ll be so heavy handed at forcing us all on it. I could write a book on what I’ve found on vaccines.


Insane times folks.


Turns out, the virus was simply a way to usher in our new slavery.




-I am Crandew


Cave Walls 2020

It’s a cave wall folks.

It’s always been a cave wall, and that’s the point.


Shadows dancing furtively on a cave wall. Moving this way, now moving that way. Darting here and crossing each other there. A sheer delight.


Can you see them? Are you watching them even now?


Oh man, the stories are so endless and the fun really never stops.

It’s all wrong, and it’s all an illusion. Almost everything you now believe has been programmed into you. You are the sock puppet, dancing on the edge of a dream.

I say this all in sadness, for if I could wake you all up.. I truly would.


-I am Crandew





If you have the time, here are two books you need to read. There’s not much time left, before the great reset wrecks us all, but do yourself a favor and get started on these now.

I recently finished Orwell, and I must say.. it is terrifying by all means. Very fatalist, and dark as well as being so spot on to what is going on today.


1984 was written in 1948. Pretty easy to remember.

Atlas Shrugged may very well be the best book ever written (on many levels). It accurately describes exactly what’s happening today and goes so far into painting a fuller picture of the characters involved in everyone’s life.

Not bad for a book written in 1957.



Rock on!

-I am Crandew