Apologize, Then Move On

An unjust action can never truly be taken back.

“When the papers crinkled up, it can’t be perfect again..”

I’d like to think that with the President now being fully vindicated, all the liars and deranged people on the Left would now apologize and promise to stop with their insane hate speech… but I know they won’t.


I’d like to see actions taken against Obama and Hillary for spying on a Presidential candidate during an election, but it won’t happen, because justice resides in fairy tales.
CNN and MSNBC should be shut down and platforms like Google, Twitter and Facebook should be broken up.. but that won’t happen either.

I believe that a second American civil war is still coming, all because the people on the Left have been driven crazy by their false philosophical beliefs. We are seeing the breakdown of a faulty belief system, nothing more, and it will cause so much damage in its wake.

Apologize, promise to do better.. then move on. That’s the last hope those of us sane people have for this country now.


-I am Crandew

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