Articulating Wildly

Like a lone teardrop that manages to sizzle fiercely on a hot pavement, stretching out for miles before you… it’s not always so easy to separate your thoughts from your desires.

Is it?

Before striking a match, take one isolated moment and absorb what stands firmly before you. It can be at times like a mountain of emotion, all held together softly with but a few strings that shoot forth from out of the past.

It can also be the forest; the actual forest that suffocates us.

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I can only come through in waves, at times bouncing off the cave walls in what’s been loosely described as the moment; this moment.

It’s all about the moment.

One single, isolated moment in time… buried deep beneath the mountain.

Harsh doesn’t even begin to describe the waves that can wash across my shores. Not in the least, and certainly nowhere near the full.

It’s the forest again, and you’re walking through it leisurely, yet oh so blindly.

Good luck.


-I am Crandew


On A Day Like Today

I’d like to think that all things are still possible.

Before the sun reaches the water and the chill in the air becomes unbearable, I’d like to know.

I really would.



I want to know that what I achieved in life had a purpose other than ‘of the moment’.

Is that too much to ask?

Am I delusional in thinking that a monkey in a suit can make a difference?



I want more time, and I want be able to share more worthwhile moments with those I care about.

While the world sleeps I dream of such things.

Am I wrong to ask so much?


-I am Crandew.





Cave World

Ugh managed to somehow rise before the sun. He rose begrudgingly, before heading off to work into the darkness that lingers, and just before the coming day.

The cave won’t supply itself, he admonished inwards.

It’s not always easy, and it’s oft times not very pretty but it is something that has to be done… and so he did it, does it and will continue to do so on the morrow.

Live… for the morrow.


As time rolled itself forward, Ugh’s days became more occupied with the various nonsense that shaped his tiny world.

It would have been so nice to have had a break, he often reflected, but that’ll have to come later. Probably when I’m past hunting age, and sent off to live out my remaining days in an old mans cave.

Heh, figures.

We all move forward, but for just a little while. We all leave our caves, go out into the world and mill about a bit before heading back home.

Not sure yet, how I feel about this tiny cave world we live in. Gotta give it more time, mayhaps I’ll figure it out later… yeah, there’s always that.



-I am Crandew




World In A Bag

I dropped the world into an old brown paper bag, before carefully placing the bag in my coat pocket. Stepping outside, the sun had just started to stab through the nearby trees, so I went for a walk. Just a walk.

Sometimes it’s good to let it all fall by the waist-side, at least for a few hours. Stepping back, and simply relaxing for bit can be the key to everything. Everything I tell you.

It all seems so simple, and so quiet out there… away from all my troubles of the day. “Ain’t nothing for no stepper.” That’s so true. So wise.

Enjoy what time you have left, and learn to put everything else aside, at least for a few hours.

-I am Crandew



Freedom of speech is dying in this country, and the internet is what’s killing it.


I know my views, and I’m comfortable with what I believe in.

I’m very happy with who I’ve become and what I choose to spend my time doing.

I’m mostly wondering where everyone else stands on freedom of speech.

Are we to just stand idly by and let it continue to evaporate?

If we do, it’ll be gone one day soon. Without the freedom to think our own thoughts, and express them as writers of our own destiny… what’s the point?



-I am Crandew



Reflections Abound

The monkey dons the mask, and in doing so becomes the very thing he only once pretended to be. We have seen this occur over and over and over again throughout history.

It is not a bad thing. It is the way we grow, as a people and a society.



Given this, I find that the choosing of the mask to be of the utmost importance.



Go now.

Tread wearily in to the night, and in doing so bring me back something good… something of real value. I grow tired of asking, so I will simply leave you all with this:

We don’t ever really choose the mask, you know? It chooses us.


-I am Crandew