Bleakest Night

What happened?

These days, these dreadfully awful days now pass us by unnoticed. I would shutter, if I only knew how.

So cold the path that stretches out before us.

So.. I turned the radio on in search of something new. Anything, just as long as it had meaning and substance. Deflated by antiquity, I could only find the familiar slow, horribly monotonous drivel. So incredibly stale, and devoid of any semblance of creativity, I was forced to shut it off.

What is happening?



Perhaps a new movie would suffice, something really out there and thought provoking? No dice pepper head. It’s all the same. Over and then over again. Once fresh and vibrant, everything now entirely reeks of copy and of paste.

My desire grows. Have the arts and all forms of entertainment failed us? Have they failed this city? It would seem so, I’m afraid.

Let me rephrase that just a bit: I’m now chilled thoroughly to the bone, becoming the most afraid of the approaching darkness. Heat leaks out from this world like an open faucet.

Could there be something new in the sciences?




The path before us has been clearly marked, forced on us by creatures now long gone. We can but walk it with eyes firmly shut or wide open yet dripping with tears.

In terror, we ride.



-I am Crandew

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