Unevenly lit from within, as yet on fire… are all of our dreams that will in time swirl helpless in the marsh.

Listen to the words my friend, my beastly brothers and gentle sisters. Listen as they reform themselves with greater purpose into something engraved with a more severe intention.

The clock will indeed tick just a bit faster.


Faster, I tell ya.


None of us are truly safe.

We now feed on such an unstable ground.

Something darker, this way lurches. I can feel it even in the daylight now. It permeates everything around us. Tainted, broken. We are all leaden by it.

This dark river will not change its course. It will wash over this land, quietly spiriting us away.

As I listen to these words, time stretches out.. and the clock ticks so fast.



-I am Crandew

War on Words

We’re running out of time.

Our borders were breached long ago, just after the great wars and the enemy now dwells among us in droves. Our schools were infected, while our culture obliterated. Our way of life destroyed inch by subtle inch until all that remains is a horrid mess.

It crept upon us from all directions, slowly stealing everything we once held the most sacred. Mayberry was lost to us long, long ago.

I can feel the enemies slimy touch on my skin even now.

Can you feel it?



It began in earnest with the children. Sent off into the wilderness, latchkey, their heads quickly filled with nonsense to the point of  lunacy. Attack the most defenseless first. That’s the ticket.

Ever noticed how sick and disturbing our culture has become?

I have.


The war on words began way back in Ayn Rand’s time, a long, long time ago. She wrote about it in ‘The Virtue of Selfishness’ in 1964 and I highly recommend this book. The war, my friends, continues its march.

Attacking, twisting the meanings of normal people’s words… and the ability to think, discuss on any ration level is ripped away. Ever hear the one about the Tower of Babel? Seems like this twisting and turning has gone on forever.

We’re quickly running out of time. Decades of cultural breakdown are about to come to fruition, and it won’t end well.

It won’t.

Of all this, I can assure you.


-I am Crandew









I can’t help but think… they’re using our own weight against us like a river that’s slowly being shaped by the landscape that contains it. Is it our own fears, frailty and desire that drive us on, causing a twist and turn at every point?



Take just one moment to relax, and calmly reshape the way you see the world. Sounds a bit ominous but it’s actually the most sane thing there is.

What are we, if not simply a cog in the wheel? We tread onward like cattle, mindlessly towards the slaughter house. So much cheering. So many faces along the way.

Ebb and flow and on and on we go.

I’m going to relax, and start by shedding the skin that entombs me and holds me back… starting with social media, including all these wonderfully crafted devices like my smart phone.


Just another way to have me bend and flow in their direction but no more. Breaking the chains of society should be on the lips of all of us slaves. Breaking the chains, I tell ya.


-I am Crandew