As we gather up the pieces, and begin sorting them out as best we can… we now find that they were right all along. We were misled. We were foolish.

We were simply wrong.



We found out the hard way how easy it is to make errors in judgement, when myriads of swampy details assault us daily. So damn easy.

Mistakes happen my friend, and they should be acknowledged as such. I need you to acknowledge this.

I can’t do this alone.

Are you ready? Can we face the darkness at last?

Can we?



It’s going to sting when the bandage is finally pulled off.

I want to warn you right now, and give you what comfort and assurance I can.. so please brace yourself. Keep in mind.. it’s OK if you stood on the wrong side of the tracks, and fell headlong into the madness of swampy goo.

I did too.

Time will not be kind to us, I’m afraid.

I’m so very afraid.



We need a plan. We need an outline, a monkey trail to follow in order to traverse the ravine, and reach the outer banks safely.

We need a plan.

Acknowledge it, work to change faulty perceptions.. then move on with your life.

That will do.

For now.



-I am Crandew


Bias Much?

At some point, we’ll be forced to just stop using the internet all together, and start fighting against those who would control our every thought…




Note: they’ll fix it eventually, but as of right now.. try it for yourselves, and at least silently admit that it exists, and it’s put this way on purpose.


-I am Crandew


Good Morning

Albeit small pleasantries do still exit, they seem to be in short demand as of late.


Ad hoc. I can’t help but feel just a tad nauseous about where we might be headed, avec so many twists and turns in the road. I bottled some water.. just in case. You know, just in case.

So is it a good morning?            sq

For me, yeah.. it is. For everyone else? Who knows, right? While I drag my ambitions out of bed, the night air has already begun to cool down my first cup of wake up juice.

Ad nauseam. Our world is rapidly crumbling around us, and all we can do is trail about like tiny ants in a rain storm.


Try as you may, try as you might… have a goodly morning.




-I am Crandew