Falling Forward

As one of the last unknown survivors of the great war, I need to pen this now before it too slips headlong into the crack.


If we must fall, let it be forward.

An inch is much further than a mile (at times) and none of this was ever for ourselves. It was always for those we forcibly left behind, timidly left waving on the distant shores with tears welled up in their eyes, as the tide continuously rolled in.

Silence can be so deafening to the ears (at times).


-I am Crandew




Such a bitter, awful way to be.

Rifling through life, and as the days tear themselves apart, I find more and more traces of absolute self absorption; it’s everywhere. No matter the chatter, never mind anything outside your own bubble, the discourse remains a consistent background hum.. and it’s always the same dreary tone.

It’s everywhere I tell ya.

Yesterday opened my eyes, may they never be the same again.


-I am Crandew