Temp Rise

Subtle is now the way in which we are being forced to live.

Covered in the dust of a laundry list of really bad ideas… are the quaint notions of liberty, and justice. A lost child that can only weep for a future he’ll never know.

Our laws are gone. Our grasp on even our own reality has been eroded en masse by the dilution of words and the mangled interpretations of history.



As I take a final walk out into the world, I can’t help but feel somewhat sad. Therein is the loss that can not be fully understood until it’s become too late, and by then you see.. it’s too late.


-I am Crandew




Becoming Human

The craziest part to understanding why we do what we do is that it’s not nearly as complicated as one might imagine.┬áThere are only two steps.

Just two.

I’ll give them to you, for free.

  1. Define how the person (or character) sees the world.
  2. Define how the person (or character) reacts when the world (reality) is different from what they previously believed.

That’s it.

That’s the secret to knowing what a person will do in any situation.


-I am Crandew


-if you’re on Spotify, go check out this rock playlist:

Nose In A Book

Have you ever been accused of this, having your nose buried in a book? I would imagine that you might have if you’re any sort of writer, and especially if you’re still an avid reader. It’s not a bad thing, not at all. Not by a country mile, my friends. Take it as a badge of honor.

I do.

Our yesterdays unfortunately have already come and gone. Fewer among us can honestly claim this now, and I would presume that it’s far more common to be accused of having your nose buried in your smart phone or tablet now. Strange how the phrase has changed slightly… it’s now: head buried in your phone.

Sound about right?

Well, today is nothing like yesterday. Our new and exciting technology mostly seems to be forming more of a noose around our necks rather than expanding our minds the way books used to. Today, our attention spans are shorter than our tempers, and forget about tolerance. The ability to tolerate other peoples opinions has evaporated faster faster than a pat of butter on a hot skillet.

Keep the fires burning, and keep reading.


I fear that books are on the way out, and that’s a true cause for alarm. So keep the faith as long as you can, and go read an actual book.. while you still can.

-I am Crandew