I’ve stepped outside again, and for all that once bled… all of that before me, it all holds still… and lies just within the moment. A gust of air halts dead in its track, and yet I can feel it pulsing, occasionally lunging towards me in furtive waves, and for all of that.. somehow still tucked away, most neatly bedded within a moments time.

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Everything that begins to slip, begins to nod and for all that once bled… all of that will one day be present, existing only in this moment.

I’ve been here before.

The year is 2001, and I’ve just purchased my first VCR. My very first computer, and an extremely heavy TV. I can see the lines growing thick, the embers grow white hot and somewhere within all of this, I exist only in the moment.

A fireflies tale of what’s to come, and for all of this… just outside my limits.



I’m back.

It’s now 2018 and I’ve completed my thought, one that started a full 17 years ago. I have to be careful, not to write it all down.. for there was more, alas, there’s always more.

How many years will pass before I can again reclaim this sliver of a notion?

How many years this time?


-I am Crandew



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