Gen X

The lost generation continues on as it always has. Gen X is a tribute, a last ditch effort to recognize an entire generation that’s been shafted, overshadowed by their parents, and glossed over by their children.

Gen X exists.


Rock on!

-I am Crandew


Scorched Earth

We all shine in the past. We glow in the present. We are a complete mystery in the days to come. Of the three, which best serves your needs and strokes the flames of your truest desire?

I only have two feet, from which to step with… so where should they be planted?

As if struck sideways from a recurring nightmare, then plunged face first into the waiting dawn… I woke with these thoughts across my brow today. Three shadowy realms to choose from, and I’m left dancing on the thread that binds them.

We all shine so brightly in the past, don’t we? It’s an old Jedi mind trick, but oh so comforting. Reshape the world we’ve already lived in.

We tend to glow, here in the now. The harsh realities that we are faced with everyday… build, even as we chip away constantly the growing paste on the windowsills.

I believe it’s time to turn my sights on the mists in front of me. My dull cow eyes are so tired, but there’s no heroes left to save us this time. Do you know when the hero chooses to act? It’s only when no one else has risen to save the day. I know patterns, and this one repeats itself, over and over.


With my dull cow eyes, I’ll steal us a quick look into the mist. I’m reluctant to do so, but I will if I must.. because no one else has.

-I am Crandew


Foot To Boot

I like to dream about all the wonderful things as yet to come; all… while taking a swim in the now as I wade slowly through whats come before. Multi-tasking at its best, I suppose.

It’s the way of things.

All of this, filled with both light and dark… and on a Monday at that!


One week away from the official release of another rock album.

One week!

After that, I’m putting foot to boot and walking it off with a summer tour. It’ll be nice to hit the stages again, and absorb as much of the live energy as possible.

Have a great day, and try to take it all in!


-I am Crandew





I’ve stepped outside again, and for all that once bled… all of that before me, it all holds still… and lies just within the moment. A gust of air halts dead in its track, and yet I can feel it pulsing, occasionally lunging towards me in furtive waves, and for all of that.. somehow still tucked away, most neatly bedded within a moments time.

Featured Image -- 1689

Everything that begins to slip, begins to nod and for all that once bled… all of that will one day be present, existing only in this moment.

I’ve been here before.

The year is 2001, and I’ve just purchased my first VCR. My very first computer, and an extremely heavy TV. I can see the lines growing thick, the embers grow white hot and somewhere within all of this, I exist only in the moment.

A fireflies tale of what’s to come, and for all of this… just outside my limits.



I’m back.

It’s now 2018 and I’ve completed my thought, one that started a full 17 years ago. I have to be careful, not to write it all down.. for there was more, alas, there’s always more.

How many years will pass before I can again reclaim this sliver of a notion?

How many years this time?


-I am Crandew




Just how old are you man?

While our ancestors have been hiding in dark corners for about six million years, the type of humans we’re accustomed to evolved about 200,000 years ago. Civilization as we know it is about 6,000 years old, and industrialization started rearing its ugly head in the 1800s.



Holy crap, that’s a weird timeline considering we only fill out 100 year chunks at a time.

The days have a habit of pushing us along, directing our every move like monkeys on a string and we simply let it happen, most of the time without even a thought… for what else can we possibly do?



A rose that atones the vine, and I find myself the most hapless, and in dire need of more… just a bit more time, if you please.



Day breaks without a sound… again.


-I am Crandew

To Each As Well

“If you can wrap your fingers around it, it’s not quite big enough.”

The fog rolled in, as did I… and a new day broke.

We all tumble forward, over and over and over again, and without a second to lose. Days climb all over themselves, as we all slow for just a moment before taking yet another step.

Step. Step.

Always taking that single, next isolated step.


I’m not so sure that’s exactly true good buddy, but I will look into it.

The days go by without number, and I alone am left in its wake. These words echo off the plastered walls that surround me, and dance ever so lightly in the hallway.

If I slow my heartbeat, and just a bit, I can just make out a faint whisper.


The day breaks, but not I.

-I am Crandew





Only for a select few.

I’ve laid witness to a sparkling light that doth seem to well up, climbing onward and outward and with a singular purpose.

Yet in part ways, its most unfortunate form can dangle, risk of decay and sway from deep within are always a deterrent.

Therein the cleverness lie.. calm and still, and solely atop the palm of their hand. With the grace of whim.. it drops silently into the world below. These hapless souls are both cursed, and rewarded.

At all times, they are both cursed and rewarded.

Most of us are dim lit. It’s not entirely our fault, it’s by design. Blanket the masses in shade, and bring forth a final note.

Yada yada.

I fear for the coming days, and yet even still.. I can be caught dashing forth… even still with eyes, well lit from behind.

We will need more light, if we are to weather the coming storm.



At times, you have to cast a wider net.

-I am Crandew