To Rise

Again with this new day, and again and again.

I never get tired of reminding myself that each new day is a gift. It’s something that must be said, and more importantly… embraced.

The start of another weekend, lets roll!


-I am Crandew

Cave Walls

The leg irons that bind my ankles to the floor are way too heavy. I tilt my head back, and dream of ways to rid myself of them once and for all. It’ll never happen, but a dream is lighter to bear than these irons.

Most of the others next to me seem content, occasionally glancing around with milky eyes at the dust covered wall. Shadow puppets are known to dance lightly and at times seem so real. Wait. Who are the shadow puppets again? Those on the wall or those in the crowd? I’m too tired to figure this out. Way too tired.


I can almost buy into this grand illusion. All the stories from my youth, softly playing once again in my head, not too unlike the puppet theater projected on the walls that entomb me. Over again until something breaks, and I’m betting it won’t be these leg irons. Hate these things. So heavy.

I tilt my head back, and prepare for another day.


-I am Crandew




Another week rolls in with the weather.

This season seems to be following social media. As one patch of nasty thunder rolls into a not so distant memory, the next is here to take its place. It’s as though the signs are being reinforced, because we’re just not getting it.

More snow today, and here I thought Spring was already upon us. Not really in the mood for a fourth nor’easter, but that’s how it goes. Hunker down.

I woke up this morning, hoping to at least catch the dawn. At least that.

For everyone else caught out in the elements today, high tides and fair warning… for the old man churns more than butter today, and that’s the truth.

Have a good one, and enjoy what you can!


-I am Crandew


Sucked In

It’s difficult to find the strength to resist, sometimes. The subtle and in parts sensual allures of outright adventure, coupled with a voluptuous body of extreme prejudice while having been sprinkled lightly with spices as yet unknown… is so, so surreal. Sweet magnolia, that is one hot tamale! An adventure that can appear to last a lifetime, but of course it’s almost always over in ten seconds.

It is the long and the skinny, I suppose.

In time, we might all become the giants we had once envisioned… but that of course could never really happen. Not really. There are so very few of us that could go the distance. Despair, my brothers and sisters. Despair.

This must be why I always rise so quickly each morning.

A new day will lay across me soon enough, but for now… I must keep walking. I have to remind myself to not be distracted by the pretty lights, no matter how sweet the laughter swells or how strong the scent lingers in the night air.

Keep walking.

-I am Crandew


Oddly Enough

“On a more personal level, it doesn’t ever really get more strange… it simply remains that way.” Ray, from 2017 Blabpipe interview., Rolling Stone


icon3     ‘Just what exactly did you expect to find out there?’


‘Hope. In the early days, we were searching for hope.’                     iconCE


icon3     And did you guys ever find it? Was it real? Any of it?


‘No, not really. Turns out… hope is nothing more than an illusion.’        iconCE


icon3     ‘Then I will give you hope. I only ask that you stand out of my way.’




-I am Crandew




Whatever Man

‘It’s important to write it down, even for those times where you believe (you know) that not a single soul will ever read it. It’s that important. Why? Because all the writing, all the hair pulling and moving about, it’s all for you man. Quit thinking you do this for the masses. Just stop with the pretending, and put a halt on it right now.’

‘That’s kinda harsh, my brother.’

‘There are times when I’m on the edge, and a few when I’m not. It’s for me to decide just where to be, simply when to be and more to point… what to be doing. We spend all of our days in a vacuum, collecting bits and pieces of each other without ever really changing anything. That my friend, is the way of things. Deal with it. Move on.’

‘So harsh, and on a Thursday.’

‘The acid rain that coats my fingers, causing so much pain to so many people. Blah, blah blah. I don’t believe in that voodoo witchcraft nonsense for a second, not for a pico moment. The part about the acid rain is true, but I don’t care about the masses, never have. Why would I waste a second more of my time worried about the unknown faces in the crowd? To what end does that ever serve? Ever?’

‘Harsh bro, lighten up.’

‘You lighten up. I’m done with the endless barrage of bubbles streaming along the sidewalks. They can have their reality. I’ll keep mine, thank you very much.’

‘Whatever man.’

‘Whatever yourself. I’ve tasted the writing on the wall, and it’s bitter bro… real, fear of the almighty bitter, biscuits and gravy. Believe you me.’

‘… ‘



-I am Crandew



Scrub, Rinse, Repeat

Even then, it doesn’t always take care of everything. We are all locked in a loop, and I’m not really seeing much progress.

Not really.

The day begins, as it always does.

Scrub the line. Make sure to catch every nook, and every cranny. After that, time to rinse. Do a good job, and you’ll feel better about yourself.




-I am Crandew

Snowy Out

This morning arrived and carried with it some snow, I dare say. A mix in the middle, as within all things both heavy and light. I waited for the sunrise, but it was all in vain. The small storm that swells has come to sweep away the larger one. That too, is within all things. All things.


I dare not question the rise, for that too resides in all things.

-I am Crandew