Tricky Tuesday

It’s somewhat of a cruel trick that through nothing more than hindsight, we can so clearly see the past, even though it was once such a milky affair.

The world is a strange place indeed, and getting stranger with each passing day.



I’ve watched such a transformation take place in my short time here that I feel I must record the changes, write everything down on paper just to get a clearer picture. We are in the midst of something weird, I tell ya true sir.

As the days continue their march forward, and tumble one by one on top of each other, I suppose I’ll just keep walking. The path ahead seems a bit fuzzy, a sort of fuzzy logic held firm in an unrelenting storm. I walk the path, and gaze longingly at the trees on either side.

Not yet.

My trail ends much farther down the road.


-I am Crandew


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