In Towards The Outside

…and by that I really mean running into the blind.

It’s as easy to get lifted up by a single ray of hope as it is to be brought down by a shard of despair. I know. I live on easy street, but vacation in hardship alley. No lie. True story.

Oh, it is buddy.

One day, when this is all over and the lights have grown far too dim to see… I hope to sit my tired, broken down arse by the fire and just relax. It’s a nice sentiment, this dream of mine. It’ll never happen. Well, mayhaps never.

Mostly things fall apart, and the circle will not hold. All at once fooled into complacency, shocked into action… only to be quieted down, lulled into sleep once more with the promise of a new beginning, later… always later. If we weren’t angry about something, they probably wouldn’t even recognize us. I get it. That guy over there gets it.

We’re a part of the wall; the part that’s crumbling. Relic’s from the past that refuse to die quietly, or quickly. Looking glass creatures from beyond, that feed on everything until they are all gone.

Stupid Moongoat.

-I am Crandew

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