In Towards The Outside

…and by that I really mean running into the blind.

It’s as easy to get lifted up by a single ray of hope as it is to be brought down by a shard of despair. I know. I live on easy street, but vacation in hardship alley. No lie. True story.

Oh, it is buddy.

One day, when this is all over and the lights have grown far too dim to see… I hope to sit my tired, broken down arse by the fire and just relax. It’s a nice sentiment, this dream of mine. It’ll never happen. Well, mayhaps never.

Mostly things fall apart, and the circle will not hold. All at once fooled into complacency, shocked into action… only to be quieted down, lulled into sleep once more with the promise of a new beginning, later… always later. If we weren’t angry about something, they probably wouldn’t even recognize us. I get it. That guy over there gets it.

We’re a part of the wall; the part that’s crumbling. Relic’s from the past that refuse to die quietly, or quickly. Looking glass creatures from beyond, that feed on everything until they are all gone.

Stupid Moongoat.

-I am Crandew

Elongate Into Madness

…and all that we have become.

Me: “The days go by without number.”

You: “Who cares?”

Me: “I do.”

This is the way of things, and what we’ve all been brought to. Choking on inhibitions, while gasping for one last hay ride (which is more often times a ‘hey’ ride).

I began footing along this trail a long, long time ago…

…but the horizon never changes, not really.

It seems alive to me, but always floating just out of reach. No matter how I stretch myself, I’m the one I wake up with each day. Imagine that pepper, just try to.

‘The days go by without number’ is a trick I play on myself. An attempt to capture the moment, and make just one second my own. I dig the phrase: “my own”. Like I could actually hold on to something after being dropped into my box, pushed underground and held forever still in darkness.

Well, that dropped into the abyss rather quickly. Might need something a tad more cheerful to lighten the mood.

-I am Crandew






On Writing

I’m currently writing several books, all at the same time. Bam.


It might not be a method that works for everyone, but for me multitasking has become second nature. I love having multiple projects going, like cooking a big dinner.

I’m also in the long, tedious process of producing another rock album. Again, perhaps not everyone is a multitasking rock star that wants to write books and save the world (oh yeah, I’m also a superhero).


It is beautiful Lois. It’s a beautiful thing to just let your imagination run wild in the streets. That’s where I’m at right now, running wild.

It’s where you should be too. If you’re a writer, you should sit down and write freely. If it’s scribbles in a notebook, or long typing sessions in the dark corner of the room while the rest of the family sleeps, or jotting notes on a napkin while waiting tables… the art of writing is truly the art of doing.

Let it take you down, like an…

Time ticks away, and when the papers crumbled up it can’t be perfect again.

-I am Crandew


Trump Tweets

…and I think it’s a great thing! A really great thing.


Whether you love him or hate him, Trump is able to get his message out directly to the people through Twitter. The MSM (Main Stream Media) hates him for it!


Mostly because he’s right, and they are the Fake News.

Keep in mind, Trump didn’t cause the MSM to be fake and dishonest – they were always that way; he simply turned on his flashlight and exposed them.

We should be thanking him for showing us how many establishments are against us.


-I am Crandew

Bam Pow


Ok, so mayhaps Wonder Woman was a tad rude… but she does bring up an interesting point.

What makes the Batman cool? I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that he’s cool because, come on… he’s Batman. It made me wonder though, why exactly is he cool? What is it that defines us?


Obviously, as humans we can lie lie lie about who we are. We could dress up in a shower curtain and claim to rain down the heavens on all our enemies- but that’s just not reality, right? It wouldn’t be very cool to simply take everyone at their words (or at least, wouldn’t be that smart of a thing to do).


Fair enough. I’ll conclude with this little bromide: ‘We are what we do… and that makes us cool… or not’

-I am Crandew